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18 мая 2021 г. 15:14, США Смотреть на карте

Augmented Reality in Digital Marketing

Augmented reality is a new and rapidly growing trend in digital marketing. It allows the consumers of certain brands to first try the product with digital devices having cameras. It creates a virtual overlay of the products, so it is easy for the consumers to try, apply, satisfy and purchase the product without any second thoughts. Augmented reality adapted by brands provides consumers with the fun of trying multiple products and purchasing the product with satisfaction. 

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is an upgraded version of the real world. Digital devices create them with cameras and various sensors, which help manipulate the real-time physical entity. It adds up to the existing physical world by overlaying techniques. It is more than merely a marketing tool, but the companies are using it digitally to attract consumers and creating a wide lead base. People are drawing tangible benefits out of the augmented reality, which will contribute to a company's growth in the long run. 

Augmented Reality v/s Virtual Reality in Digital Marketing

To experience virtual reality requires many electronic devices such as an eyepiece, headset, sensor/controller, etc. Virtual reality (VR) is nothing like augmented reality (AR) because VR is the creation of a whole new virtual world that can be controlled by the person experiencing it. VR is like a matrix that can be controlled by ourselves and is highly alterable.
Digital marketers cannot efficiently use VR for marketing purposes because, unlike in AR, there is no overlay method by which they cannot keep the focus on the product. VR is totally made up of graphic content, and the target consumer is likely to get distracted by it.
On the other hand, AR is user-friendly and doesn't need special softwares to access it. AR interacts with the space around the user and is implementable from a business point of view. Anyone can access and use the AR features to make their business grow by giving the customers what they want. 
 Brands who Adopted Augmented Reality


It is an Indian prescription optic eyewear company, and they have inculcated AR on their website so that consumers  before buying, can try the frames of multiple ranges and choose accordingly. The software asks for a clear face picture, and the frames are overlayed on the picture or the real-time face image. This feature has helped in a workforce reduction. Also, the consumers are more willing to try the frames and choose anyone at their fingertips.


The brand added AR features to their app on the app store. It allows consumers to try the shoes in AR mode. By pointing the back camera of the mobile to the foot and then selecting shoes on the screen, it would show you the shoe's look by overlaying the shoe's virtual image. If you wish to buy one, you can order it with satisfaction. 

Dulux visualizer: 

Dulux is a wall paint manufacturing company and has introduced the AR feature in their arsenal. Among people, this is one of the most dilemmatic situations where they need to choose a color for their home or interiors. The Dulux visualizer comes into the job, and it asks to upload a photo of the wall you wish to paint. The next step is to swipe and scan through a large color database and choose the best suited for your home. This marketing strategy has attracted many new consumers and retained existing customers.

Sephora- Virtual Artist: Sephora is a cosmetic company that inserted the augmented reality feature in its mobile application. It facilitates the consumer to experiment with their products with almost realistic results. The realistic results help in customer attraction and retention. Also, the company has experienced good results after introducing this feature in its app.


Many brands do not very much explore augmented reality as it is a new trend and will take some more time to be implemented by every other company effectively. However, AR is applicable only on products that fall under wearable, home decor, cosmetics, and body modifications for now. But surely, every other company will find a way to use this wonderful piece of technology to raise their income.
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