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Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence has started to penetrate the digital marketing sector of the business and various tech-savvy industries. It allows us to connect to the audience and the consumers a bit differently than the traditional method. Machines take over the workforce’s responsibilities earlier, including voice recognition, visual recognition, translation, analysis, and decision-making. 

What is Artificial Intelligence? 


The term AI (Artificial Intelligence ) indicates humans’ behavior, such as critical thinking, decision making, analyzing, incorporated into machines utilizing computer programming. In other words, the capability of a machine to impersonate human-like thinking can be termed artificial intelligence. 


It includes learning and memorizing past experiences for further future, machine learning, and deep learning. The motive is to create a neural network that functions like the human brain and can make decisions after analyzing the inputs. The motive is achieved with computer programs, various sophisticated pre-programmed softwares, and coding languages. 


What is Digital Marketing? 


Digital marketing involves all the strategies of marketing which include electronic means and the internet. Businesses and marketers use search engines, social media platforms, e-mails, pre-video advertisements, pop-ups, etc., to connect to the target consumers and build a new customer base simultaneously. 


The concoction of artificial intelligence and digital marketing

Artificial intelligence lately has replaced the required human labor and intelligence needed to attend to the customers and consumer physically. It uses chatbots to attend the online surfers and customers looking for specific products on a website. The automated welcome message is a proactive tactic to gain the consumer’s attention. By this, the consumer tends to text the chatbot and do the tedious work of searching the right product or services for you by scanning through the database of previously searched queries and their results. 


Chatbot has helped provide 24 into seven customer support services facilitating the consumer’s search for any product. For further steps, chatbots are programmed to pass on the consumer to a real customer service provider via video call or voice call depending upon the service the consumer is looking for. Now when the customer is present in front of the customer support official, the probability of converting a lead into a customer is high from a sales viewpoint and increases the business. 


Personalization of content is another great tactic used by artificial intelligence exploiting the recent searches and popping ads related to those searches, thus brainwashing and tricking them into ordering the product they just searched for. Machine learning and AI can track and keep records of the user and generate the appropriate results. 

These are some strategies that digital marketing companies and individuals are using to boost up their sales and attract consumers by tricking the brain into buying the products and generating incomes. The beauty of artificial intelligence in digital marketing is that the human brain cannot process the situation, and the urge to buy/ order the product triggered by the relevant advertisements flashing on the user screen does the rest of the job.

According to well-known digital marketers and analysts, AI delivers the best cost reduction in the marketing field. 


Artificial Intelligence Tools used.  


Grammarly: It is a simple but very effective AI tool recommended for content creation and website development, a crucial part of digital marketing. Brands tend to change and update their website blogs, and posts require quality statements, error-free and eye-catchy phrases. The mission can be achieved by using Grammarly to point out grammatical errors in the sentences and predict the literature’s clarity and readability. Also, AI tools provide suggestions best suitable for the better understanding of the consumer.


ManyChat: It is a chatbot creating a tool that various sales-oriented companies can use to lower the workforce in the marketing and sales department to connect and contact leads and potential customers. The chatbot will work for you and connect to the target via text messages and solve the query. 

Optmyzr: It is another great AI tool used in online marketing. It helps automate the bids and even full control of the bidding process (at advanced level usage). It makes the optimization process easier, keyword management, and bid adjustments without investing or paying for the process.


Visit: crackle.com/activate



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