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17 мая 2021 г. 15:55, США Смотреть на карте

How to Return A Purchased or Gifted Item on Amazon

 Amazon makes it very easy to buy products in just a couple of clicks. But when you ordered some item, and it did not work according to your expectations, you can quickly return it.

You can return that item you have ordered on Amazon from the “Your Order” page from the website and mobile app. When you want to return that gift you have received from Amazon, you will need to go Online Return Center and then enter the order number from your gift receipt.

When you return many items repeatedly, then Amazon may ban you from shopping with them. It is rare, but it happens.

Amazon Return Qualification:

  • The product must be sold directly from Amazon; only orders fulfilled by Amazon are capable of all return benefits the company offers because many Amazon items are listed, processed, and sold by the third party.
  • It would be best if you said the free return on the product page because only products with free returns will precede other products subject to shipment and restock fee.
  • The product must be in original condition because items only return in that condition in which they arrived with all accessories, certificate of authentication, and more.
  • Return must be within 30 days because a damaged, defective, or inaccurately described product should usually be available for full refunds after return but within 30 days of time frame.

How to Return Amazon Items?

  • When your item is permitted for return, you can start the process of return by signing in your account on the Amazon website or opening the website by mobile. After that, you can directly go to the return page or start from the home page.
  • When you open the Amazon website homepage, click on “Returns & Order” in the top right corner, and the mobile shopping app clicks on three horizontal lines.
  • Now you will be taken to that place where you can see your previous orders; now click on the “Return and replace items” button to the right of the order and on the mobile app, tap the arrow “>” button and then tap “Return and replace items.”
  • Now on the next screen, click on the box next to your item you want to return and then choose a response in the drop-down that “Why you want to return it?” According to your problem you can choose the reason that why you want to return and then you may be required to enter additional detail in a box that appears.
  • Now hit the yellow “Continue” button, and then on the next screen, you may be given the option to exchange your item for another one or the option to have a cash refund directly to you.
  • You can make your choice as you want and then hit the yellow “Continue” button; then, you will be prompted to print the return label, and you will also have to choose where you want to drop your re-packaged return at a UPS location or schedule a pickup.  

How to Return a Gift on Amazon?

  • Don’t worry, and this process is discreet and easy as long as your gift giver thought to include a gift receipt.
  • It would be best to go to the Amazon Online Return Center and then find the “Gift Returns” section near the center of the page.
  • Now you can enter the “Order number” from your gift receipt and then click “Search.” When the item was not marked as a gift by the sender, then you may be out of luck, but you can reach customer service for help.
  • Now you can click the check box next to the items you wish to return from the gift; after that, choose a return reason and then hit “Continue.”
  • Now you must choose the return method you wish to use: UPS pickup, drop off, or Amazon Locker.
  • At last, now you can select how you wish to receive your refund as like cash directed to a card you have on file or credit to future Amazon purchases.

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Source: https://pamelajustpeoplehelpstechstuff.wordpress.com/2021/05/17/how-to-return-a-purchased-or-gifted-item-on-amazon/

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