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How to Use the Clock App on Your iPhone

Siri is a great tool to manage and control iPhone tasks, apps, widgets, notes, etc., with ease. Some users think they can’t use and manage the Clock app using the Apple’s assistance, but the reality is far from this. Siri is one of the best and advanced AI available to users. You can control your clock and time better with just your voice through the assistance of Siri.

You can also track various time-zones by requesting Siri for the same. We are here to guide you on using the Clock app and managing your time accordingly with your voice on your iPhone. To know more, read all the steps carefully:


Checking Time of Any City, You Want using Siri

Here are the steps to view the respective time of the particular city on your smartphone:

  • At the start, you need to activate Siri by speaking these words, “Hey Siri.” Alternatively, you can tap and hold down the Home or Power button on your iPhone.
  • Now, request Siri to let you know the time of the particular city. E.g., If you want to know the time of Canberra, Australia, then you need to say, “What is the time in Canberra, Australia?”
  • After a while, Siri will respond to your query with the appropriate answer.
  • Hit the Clock widget to move directly to the Clock app if you would like.

Setting an Alarm Using Siri

If you want to set up an alarm using Siri, then follow these straightforward steps:

  • First of all, you need to activate Siri. You can do so using any of the offered methods:
  • Say “Hey Siri” to awake Siri for your command.
  • Hold down the Power button or the Home tab on your device for a little bit of time.
  • Now, move towards setting up the alarm by saying anything when you want to get yourself reminded about the specific event or meeting, like “Wake me up before thirty minutes for the job.” You can also say directly like “Set an alarm for 7 a.m.”
  • Siri will then notify you that your alarm is set successfully.
  • You can easily hit on the new alarm option to move directly to the Clock app. Here, you can check for your available alarms.

Customizing Your Current Alarm Using Siri

Siri made editing your existing alarms easy and convenient. You just need to ask Siri about the same, and you will get the things done in no time.

  • First and foremost, tell Hey Siri to activate your personal assistant.
  • Then, you need to say what you like to change. For instance: “Change the 5:30 a.m. alarm to 7 a.m.”

Note: If you have multiple alarms that match your description, Siri will confirm which one you like to edit.

  • Next, make your selection, and then Siri will notify you about the new time.

Removing an Alarm Using Siri

Siri gives the users a comfort to delete any alarm or all from the existing list once they are piled up in the alarm section. It’s a super-efficient and convenient method to remove your unnecessary alarms from the listing. To do so, follow these steps:

  • First, say “Hey Siri,” or you can tap and hold down the Power button and the Home tab right on your iOS device. It will help you to activate Siri.
  • Now, say what you like to remove, such as “Delete my 8:30 a.m. alarm.”
  • In case your personal assistant finds more than one alarm in the list with the same description, then it will ask you which one you desire to remove.

Removing All Alarms Using Siri

Here are the convenient steps to delete all your existing alarms via Siri:

  • Get started; you have to say, “Hey Siri.”
  • Then, if you want to remove all the alarms, you need to say, “Delete all the alarms.”
  • After that, press the Yes button to confirm Siri that you actually want to remove all the existing alarms.

Setting a Timer Using Siri

Gone are the days when users need to open the Clock app and then use the Timer by hitting the Timer button followed by setting-up the desired countdown. Luckily Apple has moved a step forward to make the Timer convenient for its users using Siri assistant. Now, you can easily set up your Timer when needed.


If you like to set up a particular Timer using Siri, then follow these straightforward steps:

  • At the start, you have to say “Hey Siri” to activate Apple’s personal assistant.
  • Then, ask Siri to set the timer according to your wish, like 10 minutes, 20 minutes, etc.
  • After that, Siri will confirm your request by replying that your timer has been successfully created and started.
  • To see the timer in the Clock app, you need to use the countdown using Siri.

Once you have understood how to use the Clock app on your device, activate Siri by holding down the Home or power button for a while. You can also say “Hey Siri” to do the same. Once Siri is activated, set up your alarm and the timer as per your needs through voice commands. You can easily remove your alarms if needed.


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