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Nintendo Switch Games Parental Controls App

Allowing your child to play the particular restricted game without completely disabling Parental Control features for all games is an easy and convenient procedure. To do the same, you need to whitelist the specific game you like your child to play with. All these commands can be done using the Parental Controls app for your Nintendo gaming console.


The Parental Controls app is one of the best ways to keep track of your little ones’ activities. It also helps you restrict those games that are bound for only maturity level or inappropriate for them to play. Sometimes, we think that some games are appropriate for our child even if they are age-restricted by the Software Rating Organization. These games include Zelda and Pokemon. In this case, you might want to let your little tots play these games without completely disabling the Parental Controls settings. Here, you have the option of whitelisting the game you want to free it from age restrictions.


Follow these steps if you want to whitelist a Nintendo game for your child using the Parental Controls app:


Games You Can Whitelist

Once you access the whitelist panel of your Parental Controls app, you will be able to see the games that are not bound to age restrictions. For instance, if you have set the Child-age restriction, you won’t be able to view Super Mario Odyssey in the list as your kids can already play the same. In order to whitelist a game, make sure it is also installed on your Switch and must have launched at least once.


Once you have started the game, you can easily open the Parental Controls app to view the games list. If you cannot see the game or checking for the same on the list, then shut down the app in Multitasking. and re-open the same.


Adding Games to The Whitelist

The whitelist feature is located in the Parental Controls application. You can easily add games to the whitelist according to your comfort and time. Doing so is a very convenient and straightforward process. Here are the steps:


  • Get started by opening the Parental Controls app on your smartphone.
  • Then, hit the Console Settings section there.
  • Now, press the Whitelist option.
  • After that, enable the game’s Switch to add the same to the whitelist.
  • Next, hit the Save tab.

Now, the change will be automatically synced with your Switch once you connect the same to Wi-Fi. Now, your kids can easily play the restricted game.


Note: A whitelisted game can be easily played without any restrictions. If you want to let your kids play restricted games on Nintendo Switch, then you need to get it whitelist first.

It is recommended to check the game’s reliability and its genuineness, whether it is safe for your child or not. If you think that it is safe, then you can easily add the same to the whitelisted category without fully disabling the Parental Controls app on your device.


Removing Games from Whitelist

In case you want to remove a particular game from the whitelist or you think that the game is for grown-ups, then follow these steps:


  • Firstly, open the Parental Controls app on your smartphone.
  • Then, hit the Console Settings option there.
  • Press the Whitelist button.
  • Now, disable the game’s Switch to delete it from the game’s whitelist.
  • After that, press the Save option there.
  • Now, the change will be synced to the Nintendo Switch automatically when you get online using Wi-Fi or a stable internet connection.

You have successfully removed your game from the whitelist; now, the particular game is entered into the restricted category according to the age bar and maturity.

Whitelisting a particular game without completely disabling Parental Controls is an easy process. In this way, your child will be able to play the game you have removed from age-restrictions from Software Rating Organization. To whitelist a game, open Parental Controls, and then select the game you want to whitelist. Tap on the Whitelist button and enable the game’s Switch to add the same to the whitelist. Finally, hit the Save button.


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