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Top 5 WIM file Extraction Software

WIM is the abbreviation of Windows Imaging format file. This file format enables the users to have a single disk image that can be used on several PC and laptops.

It is usually utilized to organize and control many essential files like drivers, updates, and system components without rebooting your Operating System Image. WIM files may contain multiple disk images that are mounted within Windows device so that you can make them bootable.


How to Open WIM Files on Your Device?

Here are the some interesting ways by which you can easily open “.wim” files right on your Windows 10. You need to utilize the third-party apps on your device for this task. Here are some of the reliable WIM file opening programs that you can easily use over your computer.

Here is how to open WIM files using file extraction utility programs on your device:


1. FileViewer Plus 4

FileViewer Plus 4 is one of the appreciated and universally used file viewers for Windows computer. It is capable of opening more than three-hundred file types. It will also help you to launch .wim files with ease. Additionally, it will provide you some editing options that you can’t find on other file viewer programs.


Note: If you are unable to view and open the respective file through its native view mode, you can utilize Text and Hex views to check your file contents.

These views let you look inside your file by providing you necessary data, especially for unknown file formats. You can also search for the respective contents stored in your file.


2. WinMount International

WinMount Intl. is a popular utility program that enables users to configure compressed files and disks. The tool also allows you to compress, convert and format various file-types right on your computer.


It also supports a large variety of utility file formats that consists of 7Z, RAR, ZIP, WIM and, ISO. You can quickly view and open .wim files right on your Windows 10 Operating System using “WinMount International,” which will make you enabled to mount your image file and manage your data accordingly.


WinMount provides excellent features and comes with a small size that supports lots of formats.


3. PeaZip

PeaZip is a free program that enables users to compress, encrypt and open utility file archives easily. This utility gives dynamic features for creating duplicate files, joining and splitting various file types. It also comes with a simple file manager program.

PeaZip is one of the best utility programs that can easily open your WIM file on any Windows device running on Windows 10 OS.


PeaZip also supports several file formats like TAR, GZIP, RAR, WIM, and PEA. You can easily view and open .wim files on your system, and also you can customize and compress these files too for other use. The tool is also popular for its powerful encryption that provides excellent security measures using a secure password manager.


4. ExtractNow

ExtractNow is also a great tool that can be used to extract, encrypt and compress WIM files right on your Windows 10. It enables the users to extract multiple file formats at one go, and just because of it, this tool is immensely popular among its competitors.

This file extraction program supports a large range of file types like TAR, RAR, WIM, ZIP, etc. You can easily use the software to extract and modify your WIM file using its powerful and effective tools and features. Additionally, the program offers a user-friendly interface with all the utilities and editing options arranged neatly in the software menu section in an appropriate order.


5. 7Zip

It’s important file extraction software that can be easily used to launch WIM files on your Windows 10. The software can be easily used to make changes in the size of your respective WIM file. It will make you capable of a quick file transferring procedure based on your choice.


7Zip provides a free-to-download, user-friendly program with a simple interface that focuses on the simplicity and important tools via its primary menu bar. It also supports more than a hundred file formats like GZIP, RAR, BZIP2, CAB, NTFS, RPM, ISO, and WIM files.


7Zip also supports WIM files with powerful tools that allows the user to mount, edit and convert WIM files to several other formats.


Opening WIM files is not a complicated task, as you can efficiently utilize any of the reliable file extraction programs like PeaZip, WinMount International, FileViewer Plus 4, 7Zip, and ExtractNow. These programs offer an easy user-interface to view and extract several files like TAR, RAR, ISO, etc., along with WIM.


Visit: crackle.com/activate


Source: https://pamelajustpeoplehelpstechstuff.wordpress.com/2021/05/05/top-5-wim-file-extraction-software/

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