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Sharing Apple Music with Family

The Apple Music subscription offers a huge variety of music features which makes it worth sharing with friends and family. If anyone wants to spend less and get the full benefit of an Apple Music subscription, they should try out the Family Sharing feature. The Family Sharing allows the first to share the Apple Music service across those devices that are added in the Family Sharing section.

Through the Family Sharing feature, users can share subscriptions and purchases with 5 more people. Fortunately, this feature is not limited to just Apple Music but can be used for several different Apple services and third-party apps that are compatible with Family Sharing. In order to share Apple Music, users either choose Family Plan or subscribe to Apple One Family to access the subscription. So if anyone isn’t aware of Apple Music sharing procedure, here’s the guide.


How to Start Sharing Apple Music with Family Members

As mentioned above, users must subscribe to Apple One family or sign in to Apple Music family plan to share their subscription. One done this, here’s what needs to be done:

  • Open Settings from the Home Page of iPad or iPhone.
  • Click on the Apple ID account situated on the top.
  • Now click on the Family Sharing option.
  • On the Family Sharing page, the organizer’s account and Add Member option will appear.
  • Click the Add Member to start inviting people.
  • Add your family and friends on the list.
  • Users can invite anyone they want through Messages, AirDrop or Mail.

Now make sure the recipient accepts the invite to add them to the Family Sharing.


How to Stop Sharing Apple Music with Family Members

There are two ways to stop sharing the subscription with the person or the entire group.

  • To stop sharing subscriptions, move into the Family Sharing tab and click on your Apple ID.
  • To remove the participants from Family Sharing, you have to be the organizer.
  • Click Stop Using Family Sharing and others won’t be able to access the subscription.
  • If anyone wants to stop Family Sharing for a person, they simply need to click on the name of that person first.
  • Press Remove from Family.

So this is everything a user must do to remove anyone from Family Sharing.

After doing the following activity, the members in Family Sharing will be automatically removed and won’t be able to access the subscription anymore. Users can’t remove anyone specifically for Apple Music.


However, if anyone doesn’t want to remove anyone from other subscription services, they can simply downgrade their Apple Music plan to an Individual plan. Any changes in the plan start from the next billing or renewal date.



Apple Music provides the best quality music at a decent price. They have a huge collection of audio and video songs. Any user who just started Apple Music gets a trial of 3-months which is enough to explore the Apple Music service properly. Users have to pay for their first subscription after the trial period is over.


Visit: hulu.com/activate


Source: https://pamelajustpeoplehelpstechstuff.wordpress.com/2021/04/29/how-to-start-or-stop-sharing-apple-music-with-family/

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