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How to Start Video Call with your Friends and Family Using Amazon Echo Show

Amazon Echo Show is not just a smart speaker with a touch screen, but you can use it to Video call your friends, family, and colleagues. You can watch movies, shows and even see captured images. Indeed, it can be used as a smartphone because you can YouTube through its web browser. Having all these features in Amazon Echo Show is great, but the majority of users are highly curious about its Video calling feature with Alexa. So, if you owned an Alexa Echo Show, here’s how you can start video calling with your friends and family.

How to Configure Alexa Messaging and Calling

Before setting the audio and video calling on Amazon Echo Show, you’ll have to configure it with the Alexa app.


  • Launch the Alexa app on the smartphone.
  • Click the Communicate icon.
  • Under the Communication tab, press the People sign at the top right side.
  • Press on the My Communication Settings.
  • Press the Mobile icon and type and verify your contact number.
  • Allow Amazon to access your calling and messaging apps.

Start importing your contact list to make it easy for Alexa to make calls.


Now once you configure the Echo Show with the Alexa app and finish importing your contacts successfully, you’ll be able to call anywhere you want. It won’t just call on a mobile phone, but you’ll be able to call on landline numbers as well. Even if you’re in the situation of touching the device, you can still Echo Show to call anyone particular. Once you finish with the calling step, here’s how you can make video calls.


How to Make Video Call on Amazon Echo Show

Starting a video call using Echo Show is pretty simple. Here’s what you should do:

  • Ask Alexa to make a call to a contact on Echo Show.
  • Person that is receiving the call will see the option of accepting and rejecting the call by pressing the Echo Show Home button. Or can even say Alexa ignore or Alexa answer the call.
  • Once the call begins, just say, Video on or tap the video camera icon on display.
  • In case you want to turn off the video calling, you can simply say, Video off or tap the video camera icon.
  • If you wish to hang up, just say, Alexa, hang up.

That’s how you can start and end video calls on your Echo Show. Even if a user is using Alexa on their smartphone or using Echo Show, you can approach a video call if they accept. However, there’s more you can do with Amazon Echo.


How to Configure Group Calling Feature on Amazon Echo Show

  • Launch the Alexa app on the smartphone.
  • Click the Communicate option at the bottom side.
  • Click on the People icon.
  • Click Add New.
  • Click Add Group.
  • Check all the information section, and click Enable.
  • Press Add People under the Contacts list.
  • Click Continue.
  • Type a Group Name.
  • Click Create Group.
  • You can also add contacts to Favorites to access easily.

This is how you can create a group and start Video calling them. You can see contacts from which group they belong. Additionally, you can create more groups for separate purposes.


How to Make Skype Call on Amazon Echo

Well, if you have a Skype account already, you can start Skype calling on your Echo Show device.


  • Launch the Alexa app on the smartphone.
  • Click on the More option.
  • Under the More section, press Settings.
  • Open Communication section.
  • Now click Skype under the Accounts section.
  • Type your Skype email and password to sign in to the account.
  • Proceed through the onscreen prompts and link your Skype account with Alexa account.
  • Once you successfully connect both accounts, you can command Alexacall father on Skype or simply say, Alexa, Skype father.

So this is how you can enable Skype calling on Echo Show pretty easily. But Unfortunately, if you’re a Zoom app user and willing to connect the accounts, then it can’t happen right now. It’s not possible to connect an Alexa account with Zoom right now, but Amazon has promised they will add the feature of Zoom account connectivity pretty soon.



Smart speakers are rolling out pretty quickly, and people are adapting quicker than expected. The biggest reason behind quickly adapting smart speakers like Echo or HomePod is that they have their virtual assistant feature, which helps the user to do things easier and quicker.


Visit: Amazon Alexa App



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