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How to Stream Nintendo Switch on Twitch

Playing games on Nintendo Switch is really entertaining. Players can find numerous games on Switch and spend many hours playing those games. However, if any player is looking to level up their gaming experience and is willing to show skills to others, they can start a live streaming session as well. There’s nothing wrong with streaming gameplay, and it’s more fun entertaining than just playing. Twitch is among the most preferred platforms for live streaming. You can also start your Switch streaming on Twitch by following some simple steps.


To start streaming, users must have a Capture card, screen recording software, and a computer with decent or powerful hardware.


How to Start Streaming Switch on Twitch

Setup Capture Card

Elgato HD60 S capture card comes along with both USB 3.0 and USB-C and a single HDMI cable. Connect the USB-C type cable with Elgato’s USB-C slot.

  • Attach USB 3.0 end with a laptop or desktop computer.
  • Attach the first end of the HDMI cable with Elgato into Switch Dock.
  • Attach another end of the HDMI cable in Elgato’s HDMI IN slot.
  • Pick a second HDMI cable plug and attach it to the HDMI OUT slot.
  • Attach another end of the second HDMI cable into the TV or monitor.
  • Download and install Elgato Game Capture to stream gameplay easily with streaming software.

Set Up Streaming Software

Elgato already has its streaming software named OBS Studio. It’s highly preferred streaming software by players. OBS Studio streaming software is completely free, and here’s the way to set it up.


  • Once OBS Studio’s downloading and installation is complete, your laptop or computer might act strangely. So be ensured to restart your laptop or computer to resolve the issue.
  • Create a personal Twitch account, if anyone doesn’t have one.
  • Launch OBS Studio.
  • Press Yes on the auto-configuration wizard window.
  • There’s a usage window that will show up, and to Optimize streaming, set recording as secondary.
  • Press Next.
  • Users can start streaming with default settings, but if any user wants to make some changes, they should customize FPS and resolution.
  • Press Next.
  • Select the preferred Streaming platform.
  • Choose Twitch
  • Press Account Connect.
  • In the login window, type Username and Password.
  • Press Log In.
  • Type six-digit code that has been delivered to the registered Twitch account.
  • Press Submit.
  • Press Authorize.
  • If the settings are correct, Press Next.
  • OBS Studio will take some time to configure the settings, so wait for some time.
  • Press Apply Settings.
  • Now a loading screen will appear.
  • Make a right-click on the following window.
  • Press Add>Video Capture Device.
  • Name the device, and go ahead.
  • Press OK.
  • Set the Device tab to the Elgato Game Capture HD.
  • Tap on Resolution/FPS Type to customize settings.
  • Choose the 1920×1080 resolution option.
  • Press Configure Video.
  • Set Nintendo Switch in the input device section.
  • Set Profile to HD 1080.
  • Uncheck with Analog Audio to hear the game’s audio through the headset or speakers.
  • Make a right-click on the recently added window.
  • Choose Transform>Edit Transform.

How to Stream Nintendo Switch Gameplay

To begin streaming Switch, follow the above-mentioned steps first.


  • Start your Nintendo Switch.
  • Connect Headset or Mic and begin to play.
  • Place the webcam in the right position.
  • Start OBS Studio.
  • Once you’re ready to stream, press the Start Streaming box.
  • If anyone texts you on Twitch, you’ll be able to see their comments on the Stream Chat section.


So streaming Switch is not a tough task if the user sets up the software and devices properly. Before starting the stream, make sure the above-mentioned setting features are changed correctly. Players can stream any game once the set up is done. 


Visit: crackle.com/activate


Source: https://pamelajustpeoplehelpstechstuff.wordpress.com/2021/04/29/how-to-stream-nintendo-switch-on-twitch/

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