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28 апреля 2021 г. 16:08, США Смотреть на карте

How to Restart HomePod and HomePod Mini

HomePod is a powerful device with excellent abilities. The Siri in HomePod can do a lot of things with just short and straightforward commands. Usually, people don’t face any trouble from HomePod, but some people have experienced the no responding problem in HomePod. It’s not a common issue because everyone doesn’t face it, but if your HomePod stops working suddenly, you should look into its connectivity.

Probably, if HomePod isn’t responding, you can reboot it to make it working again. Like other devices of Apple, HomePod also doesn’t have a power button to turn it off and on. Even though HomePod doesn’t have a dedicated power button, but you can still restart it. Apple has added the feature of restarting HomePod to troubleshoot problems like sudden no response. So in case, you find this helpful, here the guide to restart your HomePod and HomePod Mini.


How to Restart your HomePod and HomePod Mini

On HomePod and HomePod Mini, the procedure of restarting is the same. Ensure both HomePod and HomePod Mini are running on the latest firmware and Home app installed on your iPad or iPhone.


  • Open the Home app on iPad or iPhone.
  • Under the Home section of the Home app, tap and hold the HomePod accessory.
  • Now the HomePod tab will open, and you’ll see playback music controls.
  • Slide down to the bottom to access the HomePod settings.
  • Press Reset HomePod.
  • Now you’ll be asked to choose between Reset HomePod or Remove Accessory.
  • Click Reset HomePod and start rebooting your HomePod device.

So once the reboot process starts, wait for some time until the HomePod successfully reboots. After the restart is done, check whether the light is up or not, and check if Siri is responding. Try to give some commands to Siri and check its response time. Start listening to music on your HomePod and do some more tasks to make the system work properly.


All types of HomePod settings are accessed through the Home app. If you have paired your HomePod with your iPhone or iPad, you can make changes on its settings and can even remove it and pair a different HomePod device.



HomePod is a simple but pretty productive device. Everything that a user can do with Siri in iPad or iPhone can do all those things on HomePod. Along with HomePod and HomePod Mini’s stunning sound quality, users should keep the firmware of their HomePod device to avoid problems like stop responding.


Meta: On your iPhone or iPad, open the Home app. Under the Favorite Accessories, press the HomePod accessory icon to access its settings. Scroll down and press Reset HomePod.


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