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28 апреля 2021 г. 15:55, США Смотреть на карте

PlayStation 4 Controller on Steam

You may don’t know, but you can use your PlayStation 4 Controller on Steam to play games. If you use the Stream site and have plenty of favorite games there, you can connect your PlayStation 4 Dualshock controller to play those games with ease. Using a Dualshock controller is way easier to play PC games than using a mouse and keyboard. Plus, if you want to give your body a little relaxation, a controller will help you lean back while playing the game.


If you don’t want to play Steam games by using a mouse and keyboard, you can pair your PlayStation 4 Dualshock controller. Luckily, the pairing process and learning how to use the controller are pretty simple. So, if you’re not aware of the procedure, here’s how you can connect, configure and use your PS4 Dualshock controller.


Set Up and Use PlayStation 4 Controller on Steam

Turn on Bluetooth on your PC. If your PC doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity, then you can use any additional Bluetooth dongle will be sufficient.


  • Open the Start menu.
  • Move into Settings.
  • Click the Devices option.
  • Toggle on Bluetooth.
  • Press Add Bluetooth or other device.
  • Press Bluetooth.
  • Now on your PS4 Dualshock Controller, press and hold the Share button.
  • Once you see the blinking light on your controller, discover it on your computer.
  • Choose the Wireless Controller under the Add a device page.
  • Wait until the device is ready to use.
  • Now open Steam settings.
  • Under the Settings tab, choose the Controller option.
  • Press the General Controller Settings.
  • Now under the Controller Settings, mark the PlayStation Configuration Support.
  • Now customize the PlayStation controller for Steam.

By following all these steps, you can configure the PS4 controller via Bluetooth. Once the controller is connected with the PC and configured with Steam, you can run any game you want and start playing it. However, if any user is willing to follow the wired method, they have to follow a slightly different method to configure the PS4 controller with Steam.


Connect and Configure Your PlayStation 4 Controller with Steam via Cable

  • Use a micro USB to connect with your computer.
  • Once the controller is connected, open Settings on Steam.
  • Choose the Controller option.
  • Press the General Controller Settings.
  • Now under the Controller Settings, mark the PlayStation Configuration Support.

So this is how you can connect and configure your PlayStation 4 controller with Steam using a cable. Once the controller is successfully connected, you can run any game you want and start playing it. But still, there’s a way to make your playing experience better by entering into the Menu and try with the Desktop Configuration and Big Picture Configuration. It will enable you to make some incredible changes on your controller that will help you to access Steam and play games in a better way.



Both wireless and wired procedure to connect PlayStation 4 Dualshock controllers is pretty simple. Indeed, people familiar with the mouse and keyboard don’t try to connect the controller, but people who love to get console experience on PC should pair their controller on PC.



Connect your PlayStation 4 Dualshock Controller with a Windows computer by using some simple steps. Connect your PS4 controller with PC and configure on Steam.


Visit: youtube.com/start



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