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How to Set Timer Using HomePod and HomePod Mini

Setting up the timer manually isn’t a challenging task, but have you ever tried it by using HomePod or HomePod Mini. The Siri voice assistant in HomePod allows the user to finish some tasks without touching the device. Simply, the way you access Siri on new iPhone and iPad devices, in the same way, you can make Siri hear your commands. Now you don’t have to tap and hold the Siri button to activate it, instead, you only need to say, Hey Siri and say anything you like.

To make Siri hear your command on HomePod, you simply need to say, Hey Siri. Now, by doing this, you can add notes on the Notes app, add an event on the calendar app, set an alarm, set a timer and many more things. If you’re the type of person who wants to keep things simple, fun and quick, then you should truly try out with Siri to make things happen. Setting up the timer is something that everyone doesn’t do through Siri, so you can get your hand on it. So here’s how to set a timer using HomePod.

How to Set Timer Using HomePod

On both HomePod and HomePod Mini, the procedure of setting up the timer is the same, but make sure both devices are running on the latest firmware. The procedure will be quick and simple if you know how to use Siri.

  • Start with saying Hey Siriset the timer of one minute or any random time you wants to set.
  • Once you say this, Siri will say starting now to confirm the command, and the timer will begin.
  • Once the timer countdown ends, Siri will begin to play a timer sound. You can stop the sound by saying, Hey Siriplease turn off the timer.

However, if you don’t prefer this method, you can just tap at the HomePod and make it hear your command.

How to Cancel Timer Using HomePod

Just the way you turn on the timer, you can turn off or cancel the existing timer as well. Here’s how you can do it:

  • If you want to cancel the existing timer, you simply need to say, Hey Siricancel the existing timer or cancel all the timers.
  • Just after giving your HomePod cancelling the timer command, Siri will respond Canceled. But it there are multiple timers running, Siri will first confirms it by asking you to cancel it.
  • Simply give your respond in Yes or No to clear out all the timers at once.

So that’s what you have to do to set and cancel the timer on your HomePod device. You can follow the same method on your iPhone and iPad to set the timer since they all also have a Siri voice assistant in it. While following the method, you don’t need to touch your device; all these things can be done by voice commands.

Similarly, you can perform many more tasks using Siri on your HomePod. If there are smart devices on the house like TV, home theatres, lamps or anything else, you can access them through your HomePod as well. However, they all must be connected to the Home app on your iPhone or iPad device.


In this digital era, Apple is trying everything to make things easier for their users. After removing the headphone jack on iPhone 7, they started the AirPods era. Now, people that love to hear music, they prefer wireless earphone instead of wired ones. In the same way, smart speakers like HomePod are also getting popular because of their easy access and simple features.


Visit: ofice.com/setup

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