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If you are a creator, you should have a decent ring light. Well, it’s better if you can afford the whole lighting system, but if you are looking for something at an affordable price range, then a ring light is the only and best option. Fortunately, a lot of ring light manufacturers are out there, but still, it’s not an easy task to choose the best one out of these many options. Don’t worry; we are here to help you. In this article, we will introduce you to some outstanding ring lights that you can get now. Let’s take a look.

Fositan 18-inch LED Ring Light Kit

It is one of the best ring lights for YouTube videos. It produces very bright light and even features multiple phone holders. It weighs 3.12kg. The ring boasts a total of 112 LEDs that can spit out up to 6500k color temperature. As I mentioned above, this ring light boasts multiple phone holders (a total of three), so you can shoot your photos or videos from three different angles or even broadcast on multiple channels at the same time. It comes with a pair of remotes that you can use to adjust color temperature and brightness.

Neewer Table Top 10-inch USB LED Ring Light

Neewer Table Top is an excellent ring light for online video calling. It weighs 901g and is built for desktop. The ring light features a lot of settings and a built-in phone holder. Well, this is not as versatile as other ring lights, but it does its work perfectly. You don’t need to adjust its tripod; it already has a handy desktop stand. It boasts a USB port, so you don’t need to find a powerpoint. Besides that, it has a total of 120LEDs along with three light modes and ten brightness levels.

Mactrem LED Ring Light 6 Inches

Mactrem LED is a very compatible and lightweight ring light that weighs only 440g. It comes with adjustable settings, 11 brightness levels, and a lot of extras. It looks very nice. Additionally, you get a mini tripod along with a tiny tripod for your phone and a built-in phone holder and hot shoe. You just need to supply a USB power bank to the ring light to get it going. The ring light is bright and produces quite natural light; you should consider buying it.

Neewer 20-inch LED Ring Light Kit

This is a massive ring light that comes with a 3200k to 5600k range of color temperature, an impressive tripod stand, a hot shoe for a DSLR or mirrorless camera, and a lot of extras. You can use this light by connecting to a power source or via battery. The ring light boasts a total of 352 LEDs, an old-fashioned knob to control the temperature range, and a decent Li-ion battery. The tripod of the ring light is also excellent; it lets you set the light between 90cm and 2m.

Neewer 12-inch RGB Ring Light

It is one of the best ring lights that you can get for adding extra colors to your frames. It comes with 16 different colors, four lighting modes, a tripod, and plenty of control over brightness and color temperature. Additionally, you get a pair of remotes and two phone holders – one is on the tripod leg and the other inside the ring light. If you want to add a bit of atmosphere to your frame, this will be the best ring light for you. I would definitely suggest you buy it.

Elegiant Ring Light 6.3 Inches

It is quite a very compatible and handy ring light that comes with three temperature settings, a clamp instead of a tripod, ten brightness levels, and 72LEDs. You can easily adjust the angle and rotation of this ring light; it’s very easy to adjust or use. It even has a dimmable option in case you don’t want too bright light. It works very well and even is available at an affordable price.

Neewer Camera Photo Video Lighting Kit

Neewer Camera Photo Video Lighting Kit is an excellent ring light for a home studio. It comes with 240 LEDs, a wide dimming range, a color temperature of 5500k, and white and orange color filters to adjust the temperature. The tripod of the ring light is lightweight, but it’s strong. Additionally, it features a phone holder, a hot shoe for holding your camera. It produces very bright light; you can easily record your videos using this ring light even in a very dark room.

All the above-mentioned ring lights produce excellent light and have great brightness. I would strongly recommend you buy one of them. That’s all I had to share in this article. I hope you liked it. Thank you!


Visit: norton.com/setup

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