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How to See and Manage Linked Devices in Signal

Signal messaging app is secured and takes user’s privacy seriously. Signal app is currently available for smartphone devices, but if you wish to access the same account on your tablet or PC, then you have to follow some simple steps. By default, Signal app receives messages on smartphones, but after connecting an additional device with the Signal app, you can receive messages on the connected device and smartphone as well.

How to Check Linked Devices 

To access the Signal for messaging, you must register your mobile number in it. Once you sign in to the Singal, you can link an additional device with a similar account. You can link your Windows, macOS, Linux or iPad.

Always remember that you can use your Signal account on only one smartphone device at a time, but you’re allowed to link five different laptops and tablets. So basically, your primacy device will be an iPhone or Android at a time. In case you want to switch your account from iPhone to Android or vice versa, you have to register your Signal account once again. 

If you have linked multiple devices, or wish to add more devices, so just open your Signal on your primary device. Click on your Profile icon, and press on the Linked Devices option. In the linked devices section, you’ll see all linked devices, but if the limit is not reached yet, press the Plus icon or Link New Device option. You can link another device by scanning a QR code. 

Deactivate Linked Devices on Signal App

The primary device of the Signal account can link and unlink the connected devices. To unlink your linked devices, you must open the list of linked devices first by tapping on the Profile icon. Click the Linked Devices option. In the Linked Devices tab, you’ll see all linked devices. Now swipe left from right and press the Unlink option. Press the Unlink button once again to confirm the command.

After unlink a device, if you try to send a message from it, then you’ll receive a warning message to re-link your to send and receive messages.

Always remember that once you unlink any device from your Signal account, its chat history will get removed from that device too, and can only be brought back by re-link the device.


Signal is currently a trending app. After the privacy controversy of WhatsApp, Signal was suggested by several powerful people of the world including Elon Musk. People heard Elon and switched to Signal in no time. Indeed, Signal has more privacy features than WhatsApp which is now helping it grow faster.

Source: https://davissoftwarehelp.wordpress.com/2021/04/14/how-to-see-and-manage-linked-devices-in-signal/

Visit: webroot.com/safe

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