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Just after hearing about DSLR Cameras, the first thing that comes to mind is to capture stunning photos, and once you have plenty of quality photos, you should store them somewhere safe. There are plenty of online and offline sources available to store pictures and one of the most secure sources are Mac. On your Mac, you can import your DSLR captured photos. Importing photos on Mac is pretty safe and straightforward.

Those who have plenty of photos on their DSLR camera can import the selected album on your Mac. To export photos quickly on Mac, you can create an album and send all photos at once. Here’s how you can export DSLR camera photos to Mac.

Export Your Digital Camera Photos to Mac

Once you have your DSLR photos ready to export to Mac, follow the steps:

  • Open Photos app on Mac.
  • Press the Digital Camera icon over the left sidebar.
  • Choose the Photos you wish to import on Mac.
  • Press the Library option at the top side of the Photos app.
  • Choose a Folder where you wish to import the selected photos.

Now your selected photos will begin to import on your Mac directly. By following the above-mentioned steps, you can import both individual and multiple photos on your Mac.

How to Create a New Folder on Mac to Start Importing DSLR Camera Photos

Don’t worry if you have selected all your DSLR Camera photos and haven’t created a separate folder yet. You can still make a separate camera to import your pictures on the Photos app.

  • Open Photos app on Mac.
  • Tap the Digital Camera on the left sidebar.
  • Choose your preferred photos to import.
  • Press the Library option at the top side of the Photos app.
  • Press New Album.
  • Type an Album Name.
  • Press OK.

You will import all the images you have selected on a separate folder of your Photos app. By following the steps mentioned above, you can create more folders and import your photos.

How to Find Recently Added Photos on Mac

Once you have successfully created an album and imported your photos into it, you can find it under My Album.

  • Open Photos app on Mac.
  • Tap My Album.
  • Double-press over the Album.

So this is how you can find and open the album you want in the Photos app.

Sending photos on Mac is way easier and safer from online storage because users don’t have to spend their internet data on high-quality images. DSLR Camera photos are more significant, and it requires vast online storage and speed to upload the photos.


Importing DSLR Camera photos to Mac is nowhere challenging. Once the photos are imported, users can view and edit them. Plus, users can save those photos in multiple external storage devices once imported from the DSLR Camera.


Visit: norton.com/setup

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