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If you are not satisfied with your third-party password manager, you can rely on a unique password manager associated with your web browser. Yes, it is entirely safe to use a password manager associated with your web browser or even operating system. Google and Apple both have their web browser, OS and they also have their password manager.

A considerable number of Android smartphone users are attached to the Google ecosystem, and most of them are well aware of its Google Password Manager. You can use it to save your passwords too. More importantly, you can save and sync your passwords through the Google Chrome browser as well. You can import your passwords via Google Chrome, but the procedure is quite tricky and lengthy.

If you're already using Chrome and willing to import your passwords to Google Password Manager, then you'll have to enable a particular feature. Here's how you can facilitate import passwords to Google Chrome.

  • Launch  Google Chrome .
  • Type  chrome: // flags  in the search bar.
  • Under the  Experiments  page, type  Password  in the  Search bar .
  • Search for the  Password import  feature.
  • Tap over the  drop-down bar  and press  Enabled .
  • Tap  Relaunch .
  • Once the  Password Import  feature is enabled, open the  Chrome Settings .
  • Search for the  Passwords  in the  Autofill  category.
  • Tap on an  Arrow  icon on the right side.
  • Check the Saved Passwords, and press the three dots on the right side. You'll see the Import option there.
  • Press the  Import  option to choose the  CSV file  from the file manager.

Most probably, this procedure will work for you, and if you're facing an unknown error during the process, you can try out a different procedure as well.

  • Download and install Firefox.
  • Open the  Firefox browser  and tap on the  three dots  at the top right side.
  • Tap on the  Logins and Passwords  option.
  • Press the three dots at the top right side, and choose the  Import from a File  option.
  • Choose your  CSV file  to import.

Once you import the password to Firefox, you can transfer it to Google Chrome easily.

  • Open the Google Chrome browser, and tap on the three dots at the top right side.
  • Open the  Bookmarks  option.
  • Tap  Import Bookmarks and Settings .
  • Choose Mozilla Firefox under the drop-down tab.
  • Tap on the  Passwords  option and choose  Import .

So this is how you can import passwords to Chrome from the Mozilla Firefox browser. In case you're using the Safari browser on Mac, you can also import their passwords to iCloud Keychain.

Get the iCloud Keychain


Apple's iCloud Keychain is an underrated feature. iCloud Keychain doesn't sync the saved password between multiple devices and syncs and protects the credit / debit card and other crucial information. If you haven't tried this feature on your Mac yet, then you'll have to first enable it on your macOS.

  • Open  System Preferences .
  • Tap on  Apple ID > iCloud , but if you're using  macOS Mojave , press the  iCloud  option.
  • Slide down and  turn on  the  iCloud Keychain  option if disabled.
  • Turn On iCloud Keychain on iOS Device
  • Open  Settings  and tap on your  Apple ID  name.
  • Open the iCloud settings and slide down to the bottom.
  • Turn on the Keychain option if disabled.

Import Your Data to Keychain through Safari Browser 

To get or import passwords into iCloud Keychain, you’ll have to take the help of the Safari browser. The procedure of importing passwords can be slightly difficult because you can’t import the CSV file on the Safari browser. To make this happen, first, you have to import the password to Firefox or Google Chrome browser. Once you successfully import the password into Chrome or Firefox browser, here’s what you have to do:

  • Close the opened browser
  • Launch Safari.
  • Move into the  File  option.
  • Select  Import From , and pick  Firefox  or  Chrome  browser.

You'll be able to import Passwords, Bookmarks, Browser History, and a few more things by doing it.


People who browse over the internet a lot make it really difficult for them to type passwords for online accounts. However, the password manager allows the user to save their password and use them when it is necessary, like when logging in to an account.

Source: https://log-lns.com/blog/how-to-import-your-passwords-to-google-password-manager-and-google-chrome/

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