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Well, saving plenty of memorable photos in the internal storage of a smartphone could sometimes be stressful. But there are apps and services like iCloud Photos and Google Photos that allow you to save unlimited photos to the cloud without getting stressed about keeping them safe in the internal storage of your smartphone.

Google Photos and iCloud Photos, both accounts are safe and require email and password if someone wants to access the photos. The thing about both of these apps is that they have different interfaces. If you're using iCloud Photos already, then you'll face some trouble while dropping your other service.

Luckily, Apple made some good decisions and decided to make switching data from iCloud Photos to Google Photos easier. Many people who have been using iCloud Photos for a long time are not aware of this new feature, and if you're the same, here's the guide for you to send your iCloud Photos data to iCloud Photos.

How to Send the iCloud Photos and Videos to Google Photos 

  • Visit  privacy.apple.com  using your preferred web browser.
  • Log in to your Apple ID.
  • Tap on the  Request to transfer a copy of your data  option.
  • Tap the  Select a destination  box.
  • Press the  Google Photos  option.
  • Mark on the  Photos  and  Video  boxes for transferring data.
  • Press  Continue  once you made your decision.
  • Choose your  Google account  where you want to transfer the iCloud Photos.
  • Press  Allow  option to send media to Google Photos.
  • Confirm your decision by tapping  Allow  on  Apple Data and Privacy .
  • Check how much you're transferring, and once you're fully checked, press  Confirm Transfers .


Once you have pressed the Confirm Transfer button, you'll have to wait for a while until your data is transferred from iCloud Photos to Google Photos. If the data is huge, it can take time, and you minimize the transfer window and carry on your pending work, once the transferring data process is done.

Great things about cloud storage are that these platforms are perfect ways to keep important personal photos and videos. No one can access your iCloud or Google account until they have your account email and password. In case someone obtains your account credentials, you can still keep them protected through the 2-Step Verification method.

2-Step Verification is an additional layer of protection that sends the alert or notification even if someone tries to access your account. And you’ll also receive an OTP or verification code that will open the account. So even if someone finds out your account credentials, you can still protect it by your registered number.

Furthermore, cloud storage services have huge storage. Google offers 15GB of free storage, where iCloud offers 5GB of free storage. If this storage size isn’t enough for you, you can buy more storage from Apple and Google for their respective apps and services.


Sending photos and videos to Google Photos that are stored in iCloud Photos is such an effortless process. Like the old times, it was really difficult for most users to send their data from old devices to new ones. But now, with new features in Apple devices, users can easily receive and share stored data.

Source: https://webisclogin.com/blog/how-to-send-the-icloud-photos-videos-to-google-photos/

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