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Transform an iPhone into a Google Phone

If you want to turn your iPhone into a Google phone but don’t know how to do it? We are here to help you through this short guide. Google provides many great alternatives for an iPhone. It uses the most superior apps to transform an iPhone. In addition to it, Google doesn’t send frequent updates for its iOS apps, which is a good thing as regular updates are a matter of frustration for Android users. 

Further, Google apps for iOS are different compared to their Android versions. So, if you like iPhone design, look, and regular OS upgrades but want to take advantage of top-notch Google apps with your Apple device, you can do the same as we cover everything about turning an iPhone into a Google phone in this post. 

Top Google Apps for iOS

We are assuming that you are already familiar with the top Google apps. But if you are involved in using iOS apps and don’t know about these Google apps, don’t worry; we will take you through every top Google alternatives in this guide. Look at the following apps that you should use on your Apple device.    

  1. Google Chrome: Chrome is superior to Safari, and you might have used it on your computer. This web browser also lets you sync your search across the web on each device signed in with the same Google account. 
  2. Google Maps: If you want to get the most out of navigation service, Google Maps is far better than Apple Maps. You get many excellent features like transit & cycling, directions and more. 
  3. YouTube: It is a popular video streaming platform used by most people. The company also has a separate app for kids called YouTube Kids that only provides filtered content. 
  4. Google Hangouts: It is an excellent messaging service that allows you to communicate with your friends and family who use Google accounts. You can chat using various devices through Google Hangouts. Video calling and group chatting facilities are also available in the app.
  5. Google Drive: If you feel annoying while using Apple iCloud, you can switch to Google Drive, which provides seamless integration with Google apps like Docs and Sheets. 
  6. Gmail and Google Calendar: If you are still without a Google account, you can install the Google Mail app to get started. These Google apps are great to use on any device. Gmail has a feature to store your contacts that can be helpful if you want to transfer on a new Apple device. 
  7. Wear OS (Android Wear): You can use it on almost every wearable device, excluding the Apple Watch. So, downloading it is excellent for smartwatches from LG, Samsung, Motorola, and other manufacturers. 
  8. Google Voice: It is far superior to the voicemail service that you use with your carrier. Its way of transcribing messages is also great. 
  9. Gboard: Google has developed its own keyboard for both iOS and Android devices. And many also say that it was initially launched with iOS devices. This official keyboard comes with many attractive features such as glide typing and on-screen Google search facility. You can also type in multiple languages using this keyboard. 
  10. Google Photos: When you create a Google account, you get 15GB of free storage that is used by Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos too. That means you can store photos from your phone on Google Photos. And the app can automatically store photos with location if you have enabled the app’s relevant feature. 
  11. Google Play Newsstand: It is a great alternative to Apple News. You only have to select the publications or websites from where you want to grab the latest news and updates, and the app curates everything at the same place for you. 

What about default apps?

While using Google apps on your iPhone, when you hit a URL within the app, it may open through Safari. But you can get rid of it by changing the app’s settings. All you have to do is access each app’s settings and alter appropriate options from Apple apps to Google apps. Now when you hit a link received from the Google app, it will open through Chrome. You can consider this method to deal with Apple apps and find your phone more like a Google phone. 

If we talk about another problem, it can be Siri and Google Assistant support. The good news is that Google Assistant can be installed on an iPhone, meaning you have got everything from Google on your iPhone. That’s all you need to know about turning an iPhone into a Google phone. 

Visit: https://pcmagspot.com/transform-an-iphone-into-a-google-phone/

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