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The Top Therapy Apps for Android and iOS

When you find yourself in anxiety, depression, and any other mental issues, you talk to your friends and family members and tell them about your mental state. And it is one of the best ways to calm your mind from mental issues. You also go to a therapist to heal the mental illness more effectively. But sometimes, a therapist may not be available near you, and you need an instant solution. Then, in that case, you may go for a digital solution, and we will cover the same in this article. 

Mental issues have become common in people nowadays. There can be many reasons for being mentally depressed. The reasons can be personal or professional. A person with a mental illness may find themself in loneliness, struggle, or sorrow. They may also feel unsupported by their family and friends. If you find these signs in yourself, you should immediately look for treatment as these signs may affect your mental health.

Moreover, this article brings a different solution to this problem based on today's digital age. What if you find a solution around this digital world? We are talking about therapy apps that will help you through your smartphone with video chat or text. These apps allow you to calm your mind from a wide range of problems, including relationship breakup, decreased self-esteem, depression, unemployment, anxiety, and more. Therapy apps will provide you essential tips to cope with mental issues and smart tools to keep you calm.         

This article includes the top therapy apps for both iOS and Android devices to turn you from mentally sick to mentally stable. You can also consult with therapists through online appointments using many of these apps. Some of these apps have been developed using helpful tools under the guidance of psychologists and psychiatrists. 


Is it safe to use therapy apps? 

Questions may arise in your mind regarding safety while using therapy apps, and it is good, especially when it comes to your health. If we talk about the safety of using a therapy app, you should be aware of the right therapy app. Ensure that the app is certified by HIPAA or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. You should also ensure the app’s privacy permissions. Please don’t go for any therapist on an app without checking their license and other required details. The pricing may vary based on the app you want to go with and the therapist you wish to choose. The app won’t charge you more than what you pay for in-person therapy. 

Talkspace Counseling & Therapy

The first app we have included in the top therapy apps is the Talkspace Counseling & Therapy. It is popularly used as an online therapy app. You can confidently start your journey with it. The app works on subscription, and the basic plan starts from $65 weekly. You get all services, including texting, video chatting, phone calling, and more. You may also get a therapy app from your health insurance company or your employer. 

Any user with age 13 and more can use this app. The app gives you suggestions regarding therapists based on the data you provide to the app. As a couple, you can also take therapy through this app. You can cancel your subscription plan anytime you want. You can take advantage of the app on both iOS and Android. 


BetterHelp combines over 10,000 professional counselors or therapists to heal you mentally. The app takes you to the right therapists based on the data you provide to it. The app allows you to sign up without using a name, but you will need to give your contact information if you wish to get therapy. You can get any therapy sessions from video chat, text, and phone calls. BetterHelp provides solutions to a wide range of mental issues like depression, anxiety, loneliness, etc. The app is also helpful for teens and couples. You will need to get a plan to avail yourself services of the app. The app charges from $60 to $90 according to the therapist, serving location, preferences, and how many times you want to get sessions. You can install the app on both Android and iOS platforms. 

7 Cups

7 Cups app works slightly differently from other apps because the app focuses on active listening. Active listening means you get solutions to your mental problems by trained active listeners who work as volunteers for listening to public issues. But remember that licensed therapists and active listeners aren’t the same. The app provides over 450,000 trained listeners, including professional therapists that provide services in 189 countries. You can communicate with your listeners through chat for free. You can also communicate anonymously. You can change the listener whenever you want. The basic subscription plan starts from $13 monthly. The premium plan includes chat rooms, community forums, free wellness tests, mood-enhancing exercises, and more. 


Many apps in this list provide individual therapy as well as couples therapy. But ReGain mainly focuses on couple therapy. However, you can start with the app on your own and then share the account with your partner. ReGain allows you to use a private room 24/7 with any internet-enabled device to communicate with your chosen therapist. You can leave a message for the therapist to get the reply later. In simple terms, the app wants to make it easy to take therapy for busy professionals who have no time for video calling therapy. You can use ReGain by paying a decent amount ranging from $60 to $90 weekly if charged monthly. 

InnerHour Self Care

If you are surrounded by different kinds of mental troubles and find yourself trapped, you can try the InnerHour Self Care therapy app. As the name says, this app teaches you self-care and ways to cope with the troubles. While the app can be used to connect with licensed therapists, it mainly focuses on providing tools, courses, and other useful things to make your mental health better. This app is guided and developed by psychologists and psychiatrists. InnerHour Self Care works based on the modern science of mindfulness, CBT, and positive psychology. The app provides you a basic monthly plan for $5 monthly. 

What’s Up?

The What’s Up therapy app also stands among apps that teach you self-care techniques. This app may help you if you don’t know how to cope with anxiety, depression, or loneliness. There are two main principles the app follows are CBT and ACT. CBT means cognitive behavioral therapy, and ACT means acceptance commitment therapy. The app uses all these principles to help a mentally sick person and take them out from anger, depression, stress, and more. The app allows you to sync data across many devices and lets you use a passcode to prevent unauthorized access. 

Source: https://a2setup.co.uk/the-top-therapy-apps-for-android-and-ios/

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