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Amazon has one of the most sophisticated product lines that carry impressive features. People are fond of their products, and due to this, Amazon has a distinct space in the consumer electronics market. Today, Alexa and Echo are not just merely a name, but somewhere a need that is easing human life. To make human life more comfortable, Amazon has launched their new product – Amazon Echo Show 10. It is the latest in their Amazon Echo series and holds a plethora of characteristics that can amaze many. Let’s dig out more information on this Amazon Echo Show 10.

Source: https://isclogin.com/blog/amazon-echo-show-10-a-complete-review/

Amazon Echo Show 10 – No More Stationary

The smart displays can provide information on news, recipes, play a song or video for the users, make phone calls, etc. However, these were static objects and cannot track the movement of users to make changes accordingly. Hence, it may happen that during the video call, when the user moves away from the device, the camera may show the long-standing wall. But, this issue is eradicated with Amazon Echo Show 10. It is because Amazon’s new device has a rotating base that gives the self-movement features. Thus, it follows the user around the room to keep the proximity constant or in an operational range. All that user has to do is to say “Alexa,” and it will move. These movements are possible because of the device mapping facility. However, one must note that it can rise from its platform or go down, not by itself.

Amazon Echo Show 10 Review- Bulkier

The new Amazon Echo Show 10 has a distinctive look from its predecessors due to this rotating display. Apart from this, this new Amazon gadget is bulkier than the Echo Show, which has a dimension of 9.7 x 4.2 inches, whereas it has a uniform 6.7 inches from all sides. The display is around 9.9 inches. So, Amazon Echo Show 10 is not going to come in the lightweight category.

Amazon Echo Show 10 Review – Camera

The new Amazon Echo Show 10 has a 13-megapixel camera. It is a tremendous improvement in terms of camera installation. The earlier versions of the Amazon Echo Show series supported 5-megapixel. Therefore, the image quality will improvise anyhow. These camera sensors have more proficient features like assessing the “occupancy-triggered” routines. Due to this, it may take relevant actions when it detects someone in its proximity. Similarly, one can generate the “vacancy-triggered” routines when there is no movement. But, to make this routine, one has to enable Home Monitoring. Thus, it will transform the camera into a webcam

Amazon Echo Show 10 Review – Audio

On the top of the device, one can find the microphone, along with the volume controls. The audio quality present in the device is simply majestic due to the dual front-firing tweeters and powerful woofer. Thus, it delivers better bass, bear, and high crisps in the sound. Though the Dolby spatial processing facility is missing in the new device, the other entities almost nullify that absence. This microphone is present on the rotating base and also moves and ensures that the user gets more sound.

Amazon Echo Show 10 Review – UI & Applications

The UI content is better as it can show more than one thing simultaneously on the screen. So, users may see the rugby score and Florida’s weather at a time. Even the content customization lets the user explore the trending news of the day and get some app-based suggestions as per the situation. Now, a user can make video calls through Alexa.

Amazon Echo Show 10 Review – Streaming Entertainment

Amazon Echo Show 10 has set all the courses of entertainment for its users. So, a user can search for OTT and streaming platforms from this device. The new Amazon gadget supports streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. Even the people who hold a passion for cooking can find this device as their new resort to tap their hobby because it supports AllRecipes and SideChef. Users can also view YouTube videos. But, they can play them through Silk or Firefox web browsers.

Amazon Echo Show 10 Review – Pricing

The new Echo Show 10 from Amazon costs around $ 250. Many may say that it is almost twice that of Echo Show 8. But, Echo Show 8 stands nowhere in terms of elements and features present in the Amazon Echo Show 10. There was no option for occupancy and vacancy routines available in the Amazon Echo. The rotating base is one of the essential parameters that justifies the price rise. Then, one must also consider the camera that is present in the new gadget from Amazon. Apart from this, it supports almost every streaming platform.


The new Amazon Echo Show 10 has crossed many barriers left with its predecessors through feature enrichment. All the newly added features make this device smarter. Hence, it can hit many instincts and minds to purchase the same and use it.

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