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Marching towards March 9 will unveil the new range of portable or smart speakers. Sonos organization has called for an event where they will be launching new products for its customers. So, the world of the audio sphere can see a total creative disruption. Hence, at this moment, patience is the key to hold the nerves and get ready for what is coming to enhance the user’s listening experience. Therefore, let’s get more information about this Sonos event that is right around the corner.


What is the news?

Sonos has announced that they will organize a live event (that one can watch from their website’s relevant URL). Users can watch this event even from the live streaming on YouTube channel. Sonos found an unorthodox and out-of-the-box way to present their future program where they posted an image for the natural scene, and a person is searching for something new on a sunny day. Through some rumors and internal sources, information has come out that the audio giant can release a new portable speaker. Many are viewing this as a successor or follow up of Sonos’ last launch – Move. Apart from this, there was news floating in the market for the last few months that Sonos has been working on ANC (active noise cancellation) headphones. This news hit the consumers’ ears and eyes when a new headphone’s design got filed as a patent in Germany by Sonos.

What to expect from the new portable speaker from Sonos?

Sonos portable speakers can have voice-commands integration with Siri and Google. It is because its predecessor, i.e., Sonos Move, contains the same, and one will expect an advanced version with some features gets inducted in the same way as it is into the product. This new portable speaker can remove one of the most painful points – a heavyweight speaker and a bulkier one, like Sonos Move. A recent FCC filing by Sonos provided a device that has its own wireless charging space. However, this space will get a sturdier base. Sonos’ new portable speaker can adopt the best practices and features of the Sonos Beam, Move, and Arc.

What can one find in the new ANC headphones?

In the patent filed by Sonos for an ANC headphone, one can see that there is a stamp or monogram type available showing Sonos branding on the outer plastic. There are support rods present that extend up to the headband. One can also find various buttons, a USB-C port for charging, and a 3.5 mm jack port point. All the designs mentioned in the patent are entirely different from that of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) that got filed in September 2020. Thus, one can say there is progress or a kind of advancement made to develop the headphone.


With the invitation sent to many organizations for the live event, there is nothing mentioned about what is in the Sonos’ cart. Many speculations are going on at this moment after Sonos’s CEO, Patrick Spence’s announcement for the live event. All one can do is set the reminder to get glittering and phenomenal noon. Till then, sit tight and wish the upcoming March 9 has the right baggage of surprises.

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