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Android 12

Google is coming up with its new Android version – Android 12. Many have started their speculation about this new version of Android. Before the launch, it is common to hover around users’ ears and eyes who use smartphones running on the Android operating system. However, Google has come up with some preview regarding Android 12 to clear out the rumor clouds. This preview contains a bulk of information on the Android 12 features that it is carrying. Google released this preview to get feedback from users that can help them to enhance the functionality and features. As per the preview, Google has built more advanced features to enhance compatible media transcoding, more smoothening in copying and pasting the content on the apps, adding more privacy protections, etc. Let’s dig out more information on Android 12 by extracting its features and unveiling surprises’ baggage.


About the Latest Development – Android 12 Developer Preview

Google has launched the developer preview version of Android 12. It has also shared the timeline for further releases like the beta in the August of this year. Hence, by the end of the year, one can expect a stable and final Android 12 version release. Google has provided an outlined document that contains the details on this new version. Hence, it is essential to organize a discourse through the platform to know more about Android 12. Knowing every granular fact can present one’s observations about the progress that this new Android version has made so far compared with its predecessor Android 11.

Improvements in terms of UX

The new Android version has made remarkable progress in terms of UX. It is because the developers have simplified the immersive mode. These developers worked on gesture navigation by making it easier. The gesture navigation is more consistent and compatible with the activities that one can do using their Android smartphone. The advancement in gestures has expanded the horizon of accidental gestures that happens during full-screen gaming. Hence, if the user accidentally leaves the game, it won’t hamper the background process. Android 12 has introduced the delay in displaying foreground services notifications by at least ten seconds. But, this delay is only for certain specific services. Thus, every short-lived task gets the chance to complete itself before the notification appears.

Enhanced Media Compatibility

With Android 12, users can witness the elimination of the new video and audio extensions not running on Android smartphones. The new Android version can transcode the HEVC (H.265) as well as HDR format. Thus, Google’s latest OS version enhances video compatibility. In addition to this, the successor of Android 12 also provides support for the AV1 image file format (AVIF). This image support will bring intra-frame encoding in the image content. Thus, there is a drastic improvement in terms of image quality. The new Android variant also holds the capability to generate haptic audio feedback. Therefore, a user can see better immersive and audio experiences.

Optimizing Performance

The developers at Google have worked on the latency and workload distribution front to optimize the smartphone’s performance in Android 12. They did it by making improvements in the system binder calls by adding lightweight caching to support other processes. Due to this, there is betterment in the latency distribution. Thus, their performance increased two-fold, which is significant progress.


With Android 12, Google has made an enormous impact by eradicating the bugs left in the previous Android versions. The new Android version works on the parameters that are enhancing the UX, video and image compatibility, performance optimization, etc. However, it is difficult to say when this new version of the operating system will be available on smartphones in the current scenario.

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