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Webroot antivirus software and related services are quite famous for PC protection. These products developed under the flagship of Webroot offer high-quality security due to smart and advanced features. Thus, a Webroot antivirus software can create significant resilience by deterring threats and attacks coming from different malware types. Hence, Webroot products ensure the privacy of the user data by protecting it from stealing by the hackers who have the wrong intention to upload the same on the dark web. Due to such high advanced functionality, Webroot can block many websites that are legitimate and safe. Therefore, it is essential to add some exceptions so that the user does not get a hindrance at every step. This article will provide information on making an exclusion list in Webroot SecureAnywhere or other Webroot antivirus software to avoid any hindrance for authenticated and safe websites.


How to Download Webroot SecureAnywhere Using Webroot Login?

For downloading the Webroot SecureAnywhere or any other Webroot antivirus software, one can start from the Webroot SignIn portal. Before signing to the Webroot Login portal, one must create an account if the user is not registered. On the Webroot SignIn page, enter the user login credentials, including email address and password. To download the Webroot SecureAnywhere or any other Webroot antivirus software, the user must enter the Webroot product key code. Once given, the user can download the setup file and install it accordingly by following the on-screen instructions. Please ensure that the user approves the license agreement by clicking on the “Agree and Continue” option before starting the installation.

How to add Exclusion in Webroot SecureAnywhere and other Antivirus Software from Webroot Login?

By setting an exclusion or exemption list, the user gets a safe passage to surf the websites easily. This exclusion helps to eliminate the constant hindrance products as Webroot SecureAnywhere can prevent the users from visiting the websites. These websites are legitimate and completely secure, but Webroot antivirus software can stop them in the midway due to advanced security features. Hence, there is a need to opt for an exclusion or exception list in the Webroot products. To add or create exclusion, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Launch the Webroot Security Manager application after downloading the Webroot SecureAnywhere or other Webroot Software from the Webroot SignIn web page.
  2. After the pop-up window opens, go to the Settings option by tapping on the drop-down menu.
  3. Now, in the window, choose the Webroot Antivirus. Once the option is selected, three tabs will start appearing on the screen.
  4. Among the three tabs, click on the Scans and Risks option.
  5. Next, search for the list of folders and files that are under the Exclusion/Low-Risk category.
  6. Enter the items that the user wants to exclude from the Scans or Items Exclude tab. This list ensures that Download Intelligence Detection and Auto-Protect features get disabled.
  7. Check out the configuration of the application before making changes.
  8. After verification and confirmation, hit the Apply button to save the changes.

Thus, following the above directives, a user can make a folder dedicated to the exclusion niche from the Webroot SecureAnywhere or other Webroot antivirus software.


Webroot antivirus provides the escape route using which users can surf websites safely without any hindrance. Due to their provision of an exclusion list, a user can add legitimate websites. Every user can opt for this provision after downloading the antivirus software from the Webroot login portal. However, this provision also increases the vulnerability of the user’s PC.

Visit: webroot sign in

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