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Windows is unquestionably the most popular operating system in the world and many people prefer it over other operating systems. But what about Linux? Well, if you have used Linux OS then you might have realized that it’s quite stronger than Windows and even available entirely for free. In this article, we will compare Windows and Linux and try to find which one is the best OS. Here we go!


Development History

Windows 1.0 was released for the very first time in 1985 by Microsoft, it’s entirely closed source and comes under Microsoft. On the other hand, Linux was created by a Finnish student named Linus Torvalds, the main purpose of creating Linux was to generate an entirely free operating system kernel. Linux is open source and entirely free since it was launched.

Source Code

Both the operating systems feature entirely different source codes. Windows does’tallow you to make any changes on it, on the other hand, Linux lets you edit and modify features. As Windows doesn’t allow anyone to access its source code unless you are a developer in Microsoft, it is a highly secured platform. On the other hand, Linux can be hacked by hackers as anyone can access its source code.

Application Availability

For Linux, you can find a bunch of applications from a variety of places on the internet, but this is not the case with Windows. Windows has its own app store from where you can install applications. There are some other sites as well on the internet from where you can download and install apps for Windows, but you won’t get as many options as you get for Linux. Keep in mind that installing an app from an unknown website can be harmful to your device because of malware.

Objects of Use

Well, you can use both operating systems for a variety of purposes, but Linux is best for those users who already know what they want to do. For example, most hackers use Linux because it’s specifically designed for proficient computer users and they have complete control over it. On the other hand, most beginners prefer Windows as they just want to browse the Internet, write emails, and watch videos. However, it’s your choice which OS you want to use, both are designed for different types of users.


Windows is completely a secure platform and has support for various games as well as many other things. On the other hand, Linux has very limited support for games and other stuff as it’s an open platform and designed for more business uses.


In my opinion, Windows is great for a general user who just wants to browse the Internet and do other normal tasks. But for a heavy and proficient user, Linux is the best operating system.

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