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16 декабря 2020 г. 10:46, США Смотреть на карте

Millie Bobby Brown Loses it on Instagram

She dissolved herself into tears as she gave an account of an experience she had with one of her fans.

The star of the famous Netflix show “Stranger Things,” who is 16 years old, spoke to her Instagram followers and lost control of her emotions as she remembered an eerie encounter she had with one of her fans while she was shopping for Christmas.

“Godzilla: King of Monsters” actress Millie Bobby Brown gave an account of an eerie experience she had while she was purchasing something for Christmas with her mother. The actress was literally in tears as she went through those horrible emotions once again.


“Stranger Things” actress renowned for her role as “Eleven” admitted that she is still learning a few things on how to handle recognition and added that she is not someone who is always comfortable getting clicked in public and especially in those cases when someone is pointing a camera at her without her permission.

Millie Bobby Brown published a story on her Instagram handle, which revealed a horrifying incident about a girl who approached her for a video when she was paying her bills after shopping.

The video was shot while she was in the car. She elaborated further and said that the girl started taking her video despite the fact that the actress said no several times.

She was not in the mood and was paying her bills, so she needed a moment alone; however, the girl kept recording her.

Millie Bobby Brown shed some tears in the video, remembering that moment because she believes she was denied any decency and respect that she thinks she deserved.

According to Brown, the girl’s attitude was bullish and outright wrong.

“Where are my rights?,” she called out in the video.

Using that video, she sent out a message to her fans and said that everyone should try to be understanding and kind towards others.

For some reason, Millie Bobby Brown deleted that video from her Instagram story and wrote in her Instagram post (which was a follow up to that video) that she is completely fine and is over with whatever happened with her during that moment.

However, the Twitter handle of Stranger Things’ writer’s room tweeted that everyone should be kind and compassionate. Both of the virtues cost one absolutely nothing. The Twitter handle also advised people to wear masks, which is also very important and inexpensive.

She is a tremendous actress, and as far as her work is concerned, she has acted fine in her latest Netflix film “Enola Holmes.”



The fourth season of her hit show “Stranger Things” is expected to be released next year. 

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