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Xbox App

Windows 10 operating system comes with several integrated apps that enable you to perform various tasks on your computer system. The Xbox app is also such a feature that comes pre-installed within this operating system. This integrated Xbox app enables the Windows 10 users to connect their computer system to their Xbox One. This is an excellent feature for those who love to play a lot of games on their PC. The Xbox app in Windows 10 also allows the users to see which games their friends are playing and enables them to share their live game clips. The Windows 10 users have experienced many significant changes in the operating system, and by launching the Xbox app, the company has provided more accessibility to the gamers. If you are a gaming person, then this is the best app for you. But, if you are not, then removing this app will be the right choice.


There can be many Windows 10 users who might not know how they can remove the Xbox app from their computer systems. If you are also a user of this operating system and want to remove the Xbox app from your computer, then you are in the right place now. Here, with the following article, you will be able to discover the procedure through which you can easily remove the Xbox app from your computer system. So, to get the method, you should read this full post.

The Method for Removing the Xbox App from Windows 10 Computer

To free up some space on your computers and other devices, you should consider removing the unused apps. And, if you are not a gaming person, then you need to remove the Xbox app from your Windows 10 computer. As this is a built-in program, the process of removing this app is a bit different. You can’t find the “Uninstall” option to remove this app. But do not worry. There still is a way to remove the Xbox app from your Windows 10 computer. Here, we have explained the procedure step-wise so that you can quickly and easily remove the app. You can use the Windows PowerShell feature to perform this task. Here’s how you can do so:

The Instruction for Removing the Xbox App from Windows 10 Computer

To remove the Xbox app using the PowerShell command line on your Windows 10 computer, you will need Administrative Privileges. Here are the steps for removing the Xbox app from Windows 10 using the PowerShell feature:

  • First of all, open the Windows search box and type “Powershell.” And now, click on the option of “Run as Administrator” given under the Windows PowerShell heading.
  • You will now be asked if you would like to grant permission to the app to make changes to your device. Here, click on the option of “Yes.”
  • Now, after reaching the PowerShell Command Prompt window, you will have to enter the following command: “Get-AppxPackage *xbox app* | Remove-AppxPackage.” And now, after entering the following command, press the enter key.
  • And after this, you will be able to see a message appearing on the PowerShell window informing that the operation is in progress. After completing the process, you can now close the PowerShell window by clicking on the “X” icon appearing at the top-right corner of your screen.

So, this is how you can remove the Xbox app from your Windows 10 computer. Thanks for reading this complete article. And to get more-tech related information, please visit our website.


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