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How to Create an Attractive Cover Page in MS Word

The cover page is the first page of any document. A stylish cover page makes your document more appealing. MS Word offers some great features that will help you make a stylish cover page and that too in just a few simple steps. Many don’t know that one can create a good cover page with the help of MS Word. Are you looking for tips on how to create a stylish cover page in MS Word? If yes, you have come to the right place. We have brought you some of the best tips to help you create an attractive and beautiful cover page in MS Word. Have a look at these tips below.


Choose the Template

Open a Word document to create a cover page from scratch. Click on “Insert.” You can choose any of the templates that appear there. Choose the one that you wish to use. Choose a picture to place in the background so that the cover page looks impressive. You can adjust the size of a picture by dragging the round-shaped icon around the corners of a picture.

Add Shapes, Colors, and Images

You can use shapes and fill the color in the shapes to make them more attractive. You can type texts and change the font style to make the cover page more appealing. You can download PNG files and use them on the cover page. Just adding pictures, color, and shapes is not going to make your cover page look good, but the texts also have their own relevance. Add a name to the cover; describe what the document is about and what it describes. The text color should be chosen appropriately, as the beautiful colors can make a good impression on the viewer. Use cool colors such as sky blue, pink, and light green.

Make it Look Professional

Whether you manage a company or a small business, you must have a business name or a logo. Both of these make your business stand out from others. While designing a cover page, make sure you add your logo to it as it shows that you really care about your official presentation. You may add your company name to the cover page by choosing a simple font style. Keep the font style as simple as possible, as simplicity makes your document look more professional.

All in all, this is how you can create attractive and appealing cover pages using Microsoft Word.

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