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How to Set Up Keyboard and Mouse Controls in PS5

The much-awaited gaming console of Sony Interactive Entertainment, PS5, has finally arrived. Like its predecessor, this gaming console is also a home video game console. PS5 offers a wide range of new features that includes DualSense Controller, Solid State Drive, Backwards Compatibility, and 3D Audio. And more importantly, it allows gamers to play their favorite video game using a mouse and keyboard. Thus, in this article, we will brief the gamers about setting-up a keyboard and mouse controls in their PS5. It is suggested to read this guide thoroughly so that gamers can avoid making any mistake.


Process to Set Up Keyboard and Mouse Controls in PS5

We all know that numerous video game enthusiasts love to play their favorite video games using a mouse and keyboard. And unfortunately, most of the gaming consoles doesn’t offer input for any additional component. However, PS5 has kept this fact in their mind and offers its gamers an option to add a keyboard and mouse to play their favorite video game.

Gamers need to know that there are two methods to set up a mouse and keyboard in their PS5. Below we have individually briefed about each of them:

The first method is for the user who is using a wired keyboard and mouse. Players need to input their mouse and keyboard in their PS5 through USB ports. After that, gamers need to visit the Setting menu. And, then they need to choose the option of Devices and Customize. In the end, the gamers need to select Keyboard and Mouse to connect them to PS5 successfully.

The second method is for the user who is using a wireless mouse and keyboard. Gamers first need to turn on the Bluetooth through Settings to connect their Keyboard and Mouse with PS5. And after that, they are required to visit the option of Devices and Customize in their PS5 Settings. After that, the players need to choose the Keyboard and Mouse option to complete this process.

When gamers have successfully implemented all these steps, they will become eligible to use their keyboard and mouse to operate their PS5.


The release of PS5 has led to the unleashing of various long awaited video games such as Demon Souls and Spider-Man: Miles Morales. More importantly, gamers can obtain the fascinating gaming experience of these newly arrived video games on PS5 using mouse and keyboard as controllers.

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