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Genshin Impact

 Characters in Genshin Impact have unique abilities, special elemental powers, and much more. The damage of the abilities depends on the buff damage, so it is important to upgrade the characters. Artifact is an interesting item in Genshin Impact that offers incredible buff to the characters. The direct boost that artifacts offer can also benefit the players by activating the bonus damage.


In the game, players have to collect several types of materials to upgrade the characters. Every character requires a different material to upgrade. To upgrade the characters and weapons, players have to gather essential artifacts to progress the upgrade process.

There are five different artifacts: Plume of Death, Flower of Life, Goblet of Eonothem, Sands of Eon, and Cricket of Logos. Every artifact works differently, and they take the form of headwear/helmet, goblet, feather, hourglass/timepiece, and flower/brooch. Each artifact offers a certain but main stat boost along with additional bonuses. 

Apart from the abilities, artifacts are also very important for bonuses. Once you acquire nearly 2 to 4 artifacts, your character will gain an extra passive bonus. However, players should equip every artifact to get an advantage from all sides.

Best Artifacts in Genshin Impact

  • Berserker– CRIT Rate, mainly for the higher HP characters.
  • Martial Artist– Normal and Charged ATK Damage.

Both of these artifacts provide the ultimate ATK boost. Characters that rely on Normal/Charge attacks and physical damage, they tend to rely on these artifacts. The Martial Artist artifact set is quite common, and Berserker set rewarded to the players at the beginning levels. Players can obtain the Berserker set by defeating bosses like Ruin and Mitachurls Guards. 

  • Gladiator’s Finale– ATK, mainly for the Claymore/Polearm/Sword characters.
  • Viridescent Venerer– Anemo/Swirl DMG, debuff enemy’s Elemental RES.
  • Crimson Witch of Flames– Pyro DMG, +Burning/Overload/Melt DMG/Vaporize, and multiple Bonus effects.

All of these artifacts are perfect armor pieces. The Gladiator’s Finale is especially for the characters that use Polearm, Claymore, or Sword. While the Viridescent Venerer offers a special ability to debuff the enemy. Crimson is among those artifact sets that offer multiple bonuses.

  • Instructor– Elemental Mastery, Party, and Self.
  • Maiden Beloved– Healing Effectiveness, Party, and Self.
  • Noblesse Oblige– Elemental Burst DMG/Party ATK.

These final artifacts offer the most crucial support among all artifacts sets. If players want to have a healer like Barbara in the team, then the Maiden Beloved artifact is a perfect choice. Usually, players think that Barbara is a supportive character just like Qiqi because of their healing abilities, but those familiar with Spiral Abyss know things quite well. Having a healer in the team will never let your HP touch the ground, so ultimately, there will be a total win situation for you if you have a reliable healer in the team.

On the other hand, both Noblesse Oblige and Instructor are quite straightforward artifact sets that offer buffs like Elemental Burst DMG and Elemental Mastery, respectively. After acquiring four artifact sets, players will obtain party bonuses that are quite rare in the game. The Noblesse Oblige offers ATK power buff, and Elemental Mastery offers a bonus to the party. The Noblesse Oblige triggers the Elemental Burst that makes the combos more effective.


The great thing about artifacts is that these are not among the rarest items of Genshin Impact. Players can obtain artifacts by exploring, unlocking the treasures, chests, completing the quests, or clearing the dungeons. All of the artifacts play an essential role in the game, but the strongest artifact in Genshin Impact is Domains of Blessing.

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