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How to Ride A Turkey in Spelunky 2

Finally, after a decade, the developers of Spelunky decided to unleash its sequel. The game has been released on 15 September 2020 for PS4 users and is about to appear on Windows devices after 29 September. Besides, the game has been altered a lot, thanks to new story content, features, and graphics. Although, gamers are quite busy exploring all the new world of Spelunky 2; however, most of them are after one specific feature known as Turkey. Thus, in this article, we are going to help them to know everything about Turkey alongside ways to ride it. The whole process is a bit complicated, so we advise the gamers to read it thoroughly to avoid any mistakes.

About Turkey

Before heading further to the primary process, let us first brief the gamers about Turkey a bit. Players who are new to the platform world of Spelunky, they need to know that Turkey is a means of transport in it. Gamers need to ride Turkey to meet their commuting requirements. Furthermore, Turkey can be operated freely by the players in any way they like; high jumps, long jumps, short flying, etc. However, riding them requires a specific technique, and if players made any mistake, the feathers of Turkey would turn into spikes to tear out the gamers. Thus, gamers need to ride Turkey in the most precise way so that the chances of harming themselves becomes inevitable.

Where to Find and Ride Turkey in Spelunky 2

The first task that gamers need to accomplish is to find a Turkey, and when they successfully find one, then they need to ride it. For riding Turkey, players need to strategize a plan so that Turkey won’t harm them while riding it. The best method is to jump on Turkey from height and for that gamers need to locate a spot with enough elevation to hoax Turkey. Now, gamers need to stand on the edge of the precise place and wait for the right moment to jump on Turkey. More importantly, gamers need to know that they need to master their jump so that they succeeded in the very first attempt.


Gamers can easily ride Turkey in Spelunky 2; however, there are various techniques required to accomplish that task. More importantly, players need to practice jumps so that they can successfully ride Turkey. In this article, we have provided all the ways, and information needs to ride Turkey in Spelunky 2. We hope that gamers who have visited this article will find it worth reading it.

Gamers can play Spelunky 2 on PS4, and soon it will be available on Steam too.

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