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Selling Sunset

If you have watched all the episodes of  Selling Sunset  and are stuck with the thought that no other show can fulfill the drama you want to watch, then you are wrong. Here are some shows listed below that are similar to  Selling Sunset  and can definitely add all the drama that you have been looking for.

Million Dollar Beach House

Genre - Reality show

Starring - JB Andreassi, Micheal Fulfree, Noel Roberts and James Giugliano
Number of Episodes - 6
The show is filled with drama centered around a million dollar worth real estate situated on Long Island. The show was released on the 26th of August and it could be a great option for all the  Selling Sunset  fans.
The episodes of the show are available for streaming on Netflix

Shahs of Sunset

Genre - Reality TV
Starring - Reza Farahan, Mike Shouhed, Mercedes Javid and Lilly Ghalichi
Number of Episodes - 113
The show is about a group of posh friends based in Los Angeles and their conflicts around their families, traditions and careers. You will get a good dose of luxury and drama of the lifestyles of the stars just like you did with  Selling Sunsets .

You can stream the show online on Peacock

Instant Hotel

Genre - Reality show
Number of Episodes - 18
The show is for those who love beautiful and exquisite interiors. It is a competition TV series that features homeowners who have transformed their personal spaces into hotels.

The episodes of the show are available to stream on Netflix

The World's Most Extraordinary Homes

Genre - Documentary
Starring - Caroline Quentin and Piers Taylor
Number of Episodes - 12
This show is going to be a great option for people who are obsessed with design and architecture along with being a dose of satisfaction for  Selling Sunset  fans It is a documentary series about the evaluation of some of the best architectures around the world. 

The episodes of the show are available to stream on Netflix

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

Genre – Reality show
Starring – Josh Flagg, Josh Altman, Madison Hildebrand and James Harris
Number of Episodes – 123
Just like Selling Sunset, you get to get a highlight of the real estate market in the show. It features young real estate agents around Los Angeles and showcases gorgeous houses.

You can stream the show online on Peacock

Million Dollar Listing New York

Genre – Reality show
Starring – Fredrik Eklund, Ryan Serhant, Luis D. Ortiz and Steve Gold
Number of Episodes – 101
The series is based around Manhattan and features a range of luxurious properties in the city and the real estate agents in competition with each other.

You can stream the show online on Peacock

Southern Charm

Genre – Reality show
Starring – Craig Conover, Jenna King, Shep Rose and Cameran Eubanks
Number of Episodes – 84
With a lot of drama and luxurious setting, the show is set in Charleston, South Carolina focusing on the lives of singles living here. Similar to Selling Sunset, there is a lot of spicy content in the show to chill out with.
You can stream the show online on Peacock

Stay Here

Genre – Reality TV
Starring – Genevieve Gorder and Peter Lorimer
Number of Episodes – 8
If you are someone who is interested in increasing the value of your house property, you will enjoy Stay Here. The show is inspirational for such people and if it is mentioned in the list, you already know that there is some amount of drama just like Selling Sunset.

The episodes of the show are available to stream on Netflix

Flip or Flop

Genre – Reality TV
Number of Episodes – 110
Flip or Flop shows a glimpse of the conflicts between a personal and professional life similar to what Selling Sunset also features in the show.

The two seasons of the show are available to stream on Hulu.

Yummy Mummies

Genre – Reality TV
Starring – Lorinska Merrington, Maria DiGeronimo Rachel Watts and Iva Marra
Number of Episodes – 30
The show explores the lives of four mothers-to-be in Australia who live a lavish life. But their postpartum lives get chaotic with lots of drama.

The episodes of the show are available to stream on Netflix While you wait for the next seasons of Selling Sunset, these shows are going to be your perfect allies. They are similar to Selling Sunset and you have a good long list for a warm binge watch session.


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