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Active Directory allows you to manage systems and different devices on a network. This is the main feature of the Windows server. It is populated with users and additional network resources. So, if you want to know how to find inactive and expiring user accounts in Active Directory, then follow this article.

Set up Access Rights Manager

  1. Firstly, reach the section of Active Directory, give the AD details that will be utilized through the ARM server to enter the Active Directory.
  2. Thereafter, give the information of SQL server as well as choosing an authentication way.
  3. Then select the Next button.
  4. Go to the page of ‘Web Components’, and you should modify the ARM server web console wherever it will be entered.
  5. It is suggested that the components perform on the server automatically.
  6. You should modify the settings of ‘RabbitMQ’ whether you would like to, but it is suggested to you proceed with the standard values.
  7. You will see settings on your screen. Navigate via the settings then choose the Save button.
  8. The service will be rebooted and a message which says ‘Server not connected’ will appear.
  9. Thereafter, the scan wizard can be started.
  10. You should give the details of ‘Active Directory’ that will be applied to scan it and which any file server.
  11. Don’t forget to choose the domain wherever the account is showing from.
  12. Later, go to the tab and choose the tab that is to be scanned then choose the Next button.
  13. Also, you should choose a file server to scan over the tab of File Server.
  14. Now, go via the scan settings then choose the button of Save to start the scan.

Locate Inactive Accounts in Active Directory

  1. Navigate to the Analyze option then choose ‘Risk Assessment Dashboard.’
  2. You should be displayed a few details about the risk because of the inactive accounts.
  3. Then choose the Minimize Risks button.
  4. Then Access Rights Manager will show on the list each inactive account.
  5. You should utilize the different ordering, grouping or filtering choices to go via the data.
  6. Now, you should export the outcomes in an excel sheet or make a report in PDF of CSF format.

Locate Expire User Accounts in Accounts in Active Directory

  1. Navigate to the page of Dashboard.
  2. After that, beneath the Reporting at the left side panel, choose the ‘User and Group.’
  3. You should click on the range to be contained in the report by selecting and moving it.
  4. When you are preparing, select the button of Start to perform the report.
  5. Once you finish the report, launch it in the spreadsheet app.
  6. Now, reach the User section, and there you will be capable of viewing the respective accounts that are soon ceased to expire.
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