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Double Exposure Photo Apps


The effect you get after superimposing a photo on another is called double exposure. Double exposure gives a fantastic effect to your picture and makes it an excellent image. It’s not easy to edit photos and achieve such a tremendous effect. Fortunately, we have some unique double exposure photo apps that will be very useful for you.

PicsArt Photo Editor + Collage

PicsArt Photo Editor + Collage is an excellent application that allows you to use the double exposure tool very easily and quickly. To use this feature, you need to select two pictures from your phone’s gallery; the first picture is the one that you want to edit, and the second image is the one that you want to make the background. Once you add the photos, you will find the various options on the app, choose the double exposure, and adjust the effects as you wish. It also allows you to adjust the sharpness, brightness, and HDR effect of the image.


It is a fantastic app full of functionality and a beautiful interface that allows you to create unique and surprising images using the Dual Exposure tool that will enable you to mix two different photos. Snapseed also allows you to mask the area in the image that you want to keep visible after you merge the layers. You can use Snapseed for free.

Pixlr – Photo Collages, Effect

You can use Pixlr – Photo Collages, Effect application to combine two images, adjust contrast, exposure, and turn a boring picture into an excellent image. Its double exposure tool allows you to adjust the saturation, transparency, and even the second image’s size and location. Once you complete the editing of your image, it will enable you to share it directly on different social media platforms. To do this, you have to authorize and link your account in the application settings. It’s an excellent app full of classic features.

Shapical X

Shapical X tool loaded with lots of fantastic features offers you a Dual Exposure tool to combine two photos, adjust the background, and customize pictures according to your choice. You can use this application very easily to create double exposure images.

Bestie-Portrait Selfie Editor

Bestie-Portrait Selfie Editor is one of the best double exposure photo apps that allow you to take a general and post it on the app; you can also comment on any of the posts shared by any person and view the most popular posts. If you want to overlay any image, it offers you a Dual Exposure tool that allows you to do that. Once you overlay an image over another, this app will provide you various filters to edit the image. You can use them to turn the image into an ideal picture that you want. And I am sure that the final result you will get after editing your image will be more than your expectations.

Cut Paste Photos

Cut Paste Photos allows you to create double exposure photos of people from different parts of the world. This app chooses an image from your phone and pastes photos to combine your snapshot in the picture.

To use double exposure features, you need to select two images from your gallery; the first picture will be the bottom layer, and the second image will be the upper layer of the picture. After it, you have to select the Dual Exposure tool to adjust the filter, and your photo will be ready to share.


It is an excellent graphic editor app that allows you to create excellent double exposure photos. You are allowed to change the quality of the processed image in the settings. It offers you a Dual Exposure tool that you can use and customize the effects of your picture. It also allows you to manage the size and location of your images.

Image Blender

It is an excellent app to create double exposure pictures that allows you to apply multiple exposure effects, use overlay, and add or replace various elements in a photo. Image Blender always creates high-resolution images, and the process involved in creating a double exposure image is entirely automatic. It is a powerful app but only available for iOS. To use this app, you have to purchase it, which will cost you $3.99.


It is one of the most powerful editing tools available for Android to create double exposure photos. Despite the double exposure effect, it offers you lots of features like alternative ways to create double exposure pictures, HDR support, etc. It is available for free to use but only on android devices.

Blend Editor – Double Exposure

This app is only available for iOS. Blend Editor – Double Exposure has a straightforward interface that makes it very easy to use. You can create double exposure pictures using this app in three steps, first import your images, choose the background image, and then choose the blend mode as you like. After it is processed, your image is ready to share.

These are some of the best image editing applications with Dual Exposure tools which you can use to create awesome double exposure photos.

Cynthia Strickland is a Norton product specialist and has been working in the science enterprise due to the fact 2001. As a technical expert, Cynthia has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and critiques for many web sites such as norton.com/setup.

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