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6 декабря 2018 г. 11:56

Whirlpool WRT541SZHV Top Freezer Refrigerator audit:

Whirlpool WRT541SZHV Top Freezer Refrigerator audit:

The Good Whirlpool's greatest best cooler ice chest offers a lot of space for foodstuffs, and it's a sensibly productive alternative, too. At its default setting, temperatures all through the whole body of

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the ice chest remained flawless.

The Bad Temperatures in the cooler vacillated fiercely amid our tests, averaging a few degrees hotter than we'd like and spiking as high as 26 degrees F amid ordinary defrost cycles. And keeping in mind that

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dark hardened steel encourages, it can just do as such much - this is an entirely exhausting cooler at the cost.

The Bottom Line You can do more regrettable than this costly best cooler, however you'll discover better execution and better esteem in the event that you look around.

ancy French entryway ice chests are extremely popular, yet on the off chance that you couldn't care less such a great amount about structure and simply require something straightforward that'll keep your

basic supplies chilly, at that point a decent ol' top cooler like the one you presumably grew up with will even now work.

Also, on the off chance that you're in the market for a best cooler, Whirlpool trusts you'll think about the WRT541SZHV. At a recommended retail cost of $1,299 - which is just about as costly as best coolers

get - it offers 21 cubic feet of aggregate storage room and an alluring, dark hardened steel plan.

Everything considered, I think there are better qualities to be had somewhere else. For example, at that equivalent $1,299 value, the dark hardened steel variant of the LG LTCS24223S offers a greater plan

with recessed handles, and better execution, too. For a couple of hundred less, the similarly huge Samsung RT21M6213SR gives you a lot more honed execution in the cooler and a superior arrangement of

highlights. I'd purchase both of those before spending my cash on the Whirlpool WRT541SZHV.

plan and highlights

I'll keep this segment entirely speedy, on the grounds that there's genuinely very little to discuss. The WRT541SZHV is, essentially, an exceptionally customary best cooler form. The dark hardened steel

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complete looks fine, and encourages it mix in with more current machines on your retailer's show floor - however toward the day's end, this is as yet a quite antiquated apparatus.

Inside, you'll locate an aggregate of 21.3 cubic feet of storage room, 15.2 of which are distributed to the ice chest compartment. Those are conventional numbers by best cooler models, however not exactly as

large as the additional expansive measured LG LTCS24223, which times in at an aggregate of 24 cubic feet.

Concerning power utilization, the WRT541SZHV is Energy Star-confirmed with an aggregate vitality draw of 399 kWh. That'd add about $48 to your vitality charge every year. Those figures are spot keeping pace

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with other, also measured best coolers that do exclude a programmed ice creator as a matter of course, including the Samsung RT21M6213SR.


The Flexi-Slide Bin underneath the best retire slides from left to ideal to enable make to space for tall basic supplies underneath it.

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