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9 декабря 2021 г. 12:10

Improve the skin, do one thing a...

The purpose of cleansing the skin is to help the skin to clean things that are not clean, such as dirt, sebum and old keratinocytes, especially if you go out once a day, you also need to do cleaning work. The most suitable cleaning is that the skin will not feel tight and soft after washing. How to judge whether the cleaning is appropriate? Dermatologists propose the following reference indicators:

Casually remove makeup, wash your face, and choose Mioggi皇牌產品 cleaning products, the skin's cleansing power is insufficient, causing our pores to enter and block, acne, acne problems and even seborrheic dermatitis are all reported.

Cleansing products only remove cosmetics, oils, dirt and stratum corneum, and appropriately retain the oils on the skin, so that the skin feels Mioggi好用 and not tight, soft and moisturized but not greasy.

Excessive use of degreasing power and excessive cleaning frequency and frequency of cleaning products can cause skin sebum membrane damage and appear dry and tight. Once the skin barrier power is reduced, it is easy to produce dryness and water shortage or even "dryness in oil".

Dermatologists have discovered that many skin problems are caused by inappropriate cleansing. It is recommended to change the habit first. There are often unexpected or unexpected effects. For example, when washing your face or bathing, you must avoid too high water Mioggi生命水. Shorten the cleansing time, so as not to affect the degreasing power of the cleaning products. Also, choosing a cleaning product is not as strong as possible. Choose the cleaning products suitable for you according to your skin type, and do a good job of cleaning. As long as the skin is moisturized for follow-up maintenance, it is enough to go out and strengthen sun protection.

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