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7 марта 2019 г. 12:16

Under the new normal Marlboro cigarettes look to expand the international market

In recent years, it wasn’t much time to get in advance. But at the same time, it was compared. 2015 the Marlboro cigarettes the industry Into the "new normal" Comprehensive development, the the industry will of grab a the Opportunity "area" strategy planning, Overall Consideration, MANY the Measures simultaneously, Promoting States Foreign cigarette a production base construction, the Marlboro cigarettes materialization operation, Overseas Mergers and acquisitions Cheap Wholesale Newport cigarettes, State-owned Quote import statement and export TRADE, such as with the priority, to the ensure That the real breakthrough international market development AT a Higher level Cheap Smokes the Free Online Shipping . In 2014, it was the declining trend of the international market inventory. "Marlboro cigarettes must be set up after the top three multinational Marlboro cigarettes ambition" requirements Cigarettes For Sale Online UsaMarryboro cigarettes sales growing and growing. Industry overseas sales of 7.875 million, 2014, up 13.6% from a year earlier. Compared with sales of 3.211 million, up 23.4% from a year earlier compared with 40.8% of total sales; Foreign cooperation projects of 2.145 million units, up 21.1% from a year earlier, compared with 27.2% of total sales; General trade export 2.519 million, fell 1.6% year on year, compared with 32.0% of total sales.Overseas enterprise sales, share, total sales, sales revenue growth. 2 it’s up to 40% of total overseas sales, In the Cambodia’s international development and development process, it’s possible to ensure that it has been renewed. Marlboro cigarettes, gold leaf in macau, Marlboro cigarettes, zinc, zinc, gold leaf At the same time, we’ve been integratedWholesale Cigarettes Free ShippingHubei ZhongYan ZhongYan, zhejiang, hunan ZhongYan development has achieved good results. In addition, the 2014 Marlboro cigarettes and the United States Marlboro international co., LTD. inteerial for cooperationBuy Discount Cigarettes , negotiation matters progressed steadily.
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