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20 января  2020 г. 06:16

Ice Cream Showcase-Like Is Worth It

This time you need a quality Ice Cream Showcase. The ice cream showcase has a high visibility, and the ice cream placed inside can be clearly seen by the customer, naturally attracting more customers.

Refrigeration field technical elites, professional management elites, and excellent service team worked together in this factory.Lift up top glass and a hinged evaporator for ease of cleaning. Available in Pastry, Deli and Gelato Ice Cream configurations. The front décor can be finished on site to fit any ambience.


Displaying bottle or canned drinks makes a difference when Visi Cooler come properly chilled to the right temperature.Visi Cooler is easy to operate with user friendly features such as self closing doors and easy reach to maintenance areas – these units are tested to operate in tropical conditions of high ambient and lower energy norms.

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