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Erin Michaela
  My 6 year old LOVED this! His favorite Christmas gift. I expect it to fit him for a few more years.

Jose Galindo
  Another movie night and another GREAT SHOW! As usual after announcing "JerseyBoys" would be the featured movie, the club members leaped about gleefully! After a day of sunning everyone gathered in the clubhouse for ice cream sandwiches and sparkling water. We started the movie and the cheering was deafening! Everyone knew the songs by heart sang along with great enthusiasm! I don't think I have ever seen this many nudists sing in unison! The storyline of the movie was compelling and the music was glorious! This showing rivaled "Halloweentown 2" for sheer excitement and the acting was fantastic. After the showing we drank more than our share of flavored water and wandered aimlessly around the grounds. Before we all turned in for the night we had a sing along featuring Songs by Frankie Valli and the four Seasons! Thank you Amazon for making these great showing part of the nudist experience!

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