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11 января  2020 г. 15:26, г. Дели, Индия Смотреть на карте

Body to Body massage in Delhi

Trigger point therapy, which is usually mistaken for point therapy, deactivates trigger points anywhere along the body which will cause mild or severe pain. Painful trigger points may result in muscle strain, pain, or maybe headaches. Trigger point therapy was first mapped by Janet G. Travell, who worked with Kennedy, and David Simmons. However, it had been not until 2007 that trigger points were mapped with MRI scans.


Generally, trigger point follows very similar protocols as other massage practices. a young and painful spot is found, and pressure is applied to alleviate this pain. However, unlike classic massage, trigger point delves deep into the facial layer to release tension at the neuron muscular junction (NMJ), which differentiates it from other massage therapies.


Trigger point sessions can last anywhere from ten minutes up to an hour, though it's normally intense and somewhat painful, so some caution for extended sessions apply. It also can be utilized by any aged patient, and is usually reserved for intense, painful muscle strain.




Trigger point therapy is preferred by those with very intense and site-specific pain.

Trigger point therapy focuses on instant relief of intense joint or muscle pain by applying direct pressure with a thumb, elbow, or other extremity.

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