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10 декабря 2021 г. 11:40

Super integration penetrates int...

Before the problems of the hyper-converged HPE Simplivity architecture, the industry talked more about the converged information system. The converged education system stacks storage, computing, and network hardware and management accounting software control systems in a cabinet or a half cabinet to achieve economic integration. Delivery, because our software and hardware resource configuration methods are intact before leaving the factory, only users need to reprint the application by themselves, which is convenient for users to deploy on a small scale.

However, what the integrated development system solves is only a pain point for users to provide convenient deployment, and it does not solve the problem of integrating and integrating core resource management such as computing, storage, and networking with flexible expansion.

Hyper-converged infrastructure (hci) software vendors later became popular, using an ecological collaboration method to promote collaboration between hyper-converged software and x86 server oem vendors and x86 server vendors, on the other hand, x86 server The sales of device suppliers have been improved to meet the hyper-converged needs of users, convenient deployment, flexible expansion, greater flexibility and simplified unified operation and maintenance, natural, hpe, wave electronics, Lenovo, Cisco, Huawei, Dell, Supermicro, h3c, Fujitsu and Oracle, and other server manufacturers are very satisfied;

The two aspects of hyper-convergence development system are deployed and promoted, allowing management users to taste the sweetness through flexible distributed data support for applications and a more perfect realization of performance. The natural environment must be super-converged so that it can enter an industry widely. VDI, server virtualization, private cloud and other application scenarios have found their true foothold.

Fundamentally speaking, hyper-convergence originates from the definition of hardware by software, that is, innovation under the general trend of software definition, and it is also one of the countries where the advantages of a distributed system architecture are concentrated. Therefore, with years of development and accumulation, super-convergence has not only found a way to fully meet the rigid needs of our country’s research through digital transformation, but also finds a route for rapid development and continuous growth. In terms of the overall social development in the field of hyper-converged applications, both software and hardware will inevitably contribute to the further popularization of hyper-convergence. At the same time, technology companies that focus on hyper-converged software product innovation can also obtain broader development and prospects from it.

As a manufacturer that directly competes with Nutanix in the hyper-converged development field, VMware's biggest competitive advantage is mainly that vSAN is very closely integrated with other VMware products such as vRealize Suite and vRealize Automation, but only supports VMware vSphere hypervisor (ESXi) on a virtual computer. VMware has a strong appeal for the hybrid cloud strategy, and has established this series of hybrid cloud partners and solutions, covering the core technology IT, cloud, VDI and Edge edge use cases.

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