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20 августа 2021 г. 08:38

Traveling and taking pictures ag...

Two years ago, when I went to NaganoI was worried about packing my luggageIn fact, packing luggage for this journey is quite annoying. Why?Because there are several factors to satisfyFirst, I'm going to take picturesAll photography equipment must be on handBecause if checked, the photographic equipment may be severely treated.Such a risk must not be triedSo you have to take your photography equipment with youSecond, after arriving at the destinationI need something that allows me to go out easily and put down things I do n』t needSuch as clothes, etc.

Is a light mobile formThird, when I want to move with all my luggageFor example, when I 』m leaving for another cityIn addition to the photographic equipment, you have to carry everything like clothing on your back.I need a backpack that can hold everythingTo meet these three conditions, such a travel backpack meets my requirementsIt took a lot of effort to meet these three requirements last timePut a small backpack into a large backpackMade a big and bulkyThis time I finally found a perfect solutionThat's it, Peak Design's Travel Backpack!Let's talk about how this backpack solves the problem of carrying equipment on the planeIts solution is simple, the secret is in itAs you can see, its design is very neatIn fact, its philosophy is to classify things into different bags.Packaging in a modular formYou can see there are three groups of things in the backpackThis is the lifeblood of this time, the point isAll photography equipment is wrapped hereWhat's in this bag, I will share it separately, not to mentionIn short, this is a bag for photographic equipmentNext is a bag for clothes and a bag for toiletriesThese three bags are very clearWhen I want to check my luggageJust take out the entire bag of the photographic equipmentYou can follow me on the plane without worrying about the equipment being damagedThis bag also has some loops on both sides, you can add a strapInto a shoulder bag that can be taken on the planeYou can see that there is a lot of space in the backpack now.

Then you can put the original tripod and other things insideTurn your backpack into a checked baggageDo n』t look at the space in front of youThis zipper can compress or stretch the spaceFree up to 10 liters of space after stretchingInto a 45L backpackThis space can even hold a normal-sized tripodPut other things inIn fact, if you do n』t bring as many things as I doYou see, I still have a big tripod, I have to check itIf you do n』t have that many things, just compress the backpackThis size should meet the size restrictions of most airlines' hand luggageThen you can directly carry it on the plane and solve the problem.To become checked baggage, this backpack also has a very thoughtful designEveryone looks at these straps and throws them around, it's very troublesomeIts thoughtful design is that these straps can be stowed awayYou see, when the strap is stowed, it becomes a very convenient form for shipping.In addition, it has many handlesYou see, the bottom one, the middle one, and the top one.One on each side, easy to carry and checkNow that I have taken out my carry-on equipment bag, I 』m going to check it inBefore shipment, there are some built-in anti-theft measures on the backpack.

This backpack can be opened in multiple directions, such as from the sideSo what?Side opening, we can put this zipperPut in the backpackThere is a button inside the backpack that can hold the zipperOK, now the zipper is locked, it cannot be opened from the outsideThe other side buckles the sameThe side opening can't open from the outside nowThen pull the back, and its zipper .Able to .After being locked, although it is not an unlockable lockBut at least now it takes more work to openCan stop some thievesOk, here's the buckleAt lastThe front can also be opened, so what should I do?

As you can see, there is a loop on the front side of the zipper.You can pass the zipper to the endThis way, there is no way to open the backpack quicklyI forgot to bring the lock this time, it's too rushedOnly by its own small anti-theft designHope to protect my belongings for me!Okay, it's time to report to the counterIt's time, gogogogo!Perfect?

​​This whole can be checkedGot it backFit itThere are so many thingsThis is how it solves the problem, the equipment has to be carried on boardWhen we arrived at the hotel and put things in, we wanted to go out and take picturesIn the form of shooting, this backpack is also able to copeI'm in Sabah, Malaysia, I just arrived at the hotel and put things awayNow preparing to go out to take picturesWhen we go out to shoot, we can leave a lot of things in the restaurantDispatched in a lighter stateI hung the small camera and Vlog camera outsideAnd inside, those grooming bags or clothes bags can all be placed in the restaurantSo now the space above is emptyThe Camera Cube bag below stores all your photography equipmentThere is a lot of space above for filter bags, Tech Pouch accessories, etc.Here I put my passport, charging cable, etc.In addition, there are jackets, tripods, backup power, etc., which can also be placed in the space aboveThis is what it looks like when you are shooting lightlyOf course, the tripod will also be inserted into the side pocket, but it is now in useThe good thing about this backpack is when you do n』t need to put so much stuffActually it turned out to be quite bigAnd it has a small design here, you see here is folded inThere is actually a button hereIt was originally so big, and when you do n』t need that bigYou can fold it in and hold itThe entire backpack can be shrunk a bit, not that spaceThis is the light form that everyone can take a picture after arriving at the hotelWhen I move all the packs on my backWhat is its shape?

Just like now, we were carrying everything overnight last night from SydneyArrive here at Port MacquarieBecause I got out of the car in the early morning and went straight to the beach to shoot the sunriseSo you have to carry everythingWhat is the mobile form of this full pack? Come and seeOn the equipment bag are the Packing Cube and Wash Pouch.This takes up all the space in the backpackBasically I put all the equipment insideIn addition to the Fuji XT3 that is being filmed nowBecause in the future, I might shoot something on the moveSo this one will carryI used the Capture Pro clip to secure the camera to my Tech Pouch accessory bagWith the charging cable, ID, battery, etc. inside, carry it for a long timeSo this camera will also carryAnd this bag of charging dock and other things can be placed in the space where the XT3 was originally placedAlso because I really have too many things to bringSo my filter ca n』t be packaged with a filter, it must be rounded down to zeroInsert each filter in the gapAnd a small bag contains several filtersThis is also the benefit of H & Y.

Its magnetic frame can prevent the step filters from touching each other and scratching.So it can be stacked and storedInsert the filters into the gap and round them to zeroNot over yet, here are all my equipment, clothes, and toiletriesWhere is the rest?Just in front, do n』t look at the extra 10L capacity in frontCan hold a lot of thingsWhat's in the space ahead?Filter holders and accessories that don't fit in the rear, more filtersAnd most importantly, my Vlog cameraSometimes I may not be able to carry it with me, so I leave it hereOriginally there was an external microphone in this position, but now it is installed on FujiEven if I want to take a Vlog while on the move, I can still easily shoot it outIn addition, there are some larger charging accessories, because they can't fit in the rear, so hereOne thing I think is the hardest to carry is the stabilizerI can only reduce it to zero, break it apart, and place it in the bottom of this space.

This is just fine, put all my packing awayAs long as I carry a backpack, it is enough for me to go around the worldYou see, although it bulges, it can still be pulled up easily.This backpack also has side pockets on both sidesThen I can fold my big tripod back and put it asideThe water bottle can be placed on the other side, plus a small tripodPlug inBecause when I just finished shrinking at the beach, my feet were covered with sand and seawater.In order not to stain the backpack, I will not insert themThis is how I put all my bags in one backpackYeah! And this one, rx100 small camera plus UFO tripodCan also be stuffed inThis tripod can be twisted arbitrarily, so it can fitperfect!

This can move everything on your backThis backpack is about 19 kilograms. I measured it at the airport.I do n』t know how heavy it is to carry a new backpack this timeI was constantly stuck at homeWow! It's 19 kg .

咦It's 19 kg! It should be the heaviest pack I've ever carriedIt ’s the heaviest I 』ve ever carried, and it ’s better than what I used to do when climbing to JapanHowever, it ’s really convenient to store a backpackOk, this is my mobile modeHuh! !!

Let's go?Uh, okay, return to Hong Kong in a blink of an eyeThis backpack has gone through 2 journeys with meA trip to Australia and a trip to Mount ShenAfter going through these 2 journeys, I got some real feelings about this backpackWant to share with youWhat is the most important thing as a camera backpack for travel?That's its carrying system.Peak Design's travel backpackI think the strap is quite comfortableIn particular, when I went to Australia, I carried a 19 kg bagAnd when I went to Shenshan, I basically carried it for more than ten or twenty hours in two days8:45, just passed the gate behindJust past the first breakPanalaban, 3272.

7 metersAt 5:30 in the morning, everyone can see the light of dawnClimbed to 3884 meters .In the journey, in addition to being tired because of heavy thingsThe strap does not cause any discomfort, even I think it is very comfortable to carryI think this strap is worthy of praiseBut this strap also has some details that are not very comfortable to use.As you know, this is a product of Peak DesignAs a matter of course, they will add some designs suitable for other own productsFor example it has many positions, you can use its capture pro quick release clipThis design is certainly good, but I think the position of these straps seems a bit offI do n』t know if it ’s based on the size of a foreignerOur Asian body is relatively small, so the position seems a bit wrongHow is it? For example, here is a thick circleWhen backed up, it actually falls on the shoulderIt would be a bit weird to have the Capture Pro clip here, the camera would be head upWhat can be hung in this position, really think about itI found out that it is very good to hold the camera I use for vlogI found out that it is very good to hold the camera I use for vlogBecause it just hangs down on the chest, it's easy to take it outBut what else can be deducted from this position?

Maybe think againAlso in the lower position, there will be another loopI will use this to capture capture pro clipsBut I actually feel it is a bit too low, probably at this positionIt ’s not impossible, it ’s just a little bit more reasonable.But now it wo n』t be inconvenient, it wo n』t bump intoIt ’s purely uncomfortable.This is because at this position, a button for the chest strap is reserved.There are actually 4 slots hereIn fact, it is also careful in design, so that users of different body shapes can be buckled in different positions.

For the most comfortable feelingBut this takes up the best position, so the clip can only be installed in the lower positionThere is also a belt, which is actually very important for backpacks.Because you can spread the weight on the bones and make your shoulders more comfortableIts belt is also comfortable, and the design of its buttons is quite interestingAs you can see, it's not the traditional buttonBut a metal, one-piece hookUsed to hook the loops on the other side to secure the beltThis design, I think, is very solid and durableOrdinary rubber buttons, if you have the chance to accidentally crush them, you cannot use them.But this metal hook is basically extremely difficult to break or deformTherefore it is a simple and robust designBut at the same time, it also has a trouble to useIt's hard to unlock it with one handSometimes, when we are carrying backpacks, we move with the camera standWhen you find a beautiful scenery and want to quickly put down your backpack, take out the filter, etc. to set up the cameraIt ’s a bit inconvenient, because you have to put down the things in your hand first and unhook with both handsTo drop the backpackThis is a bit uncomfortable to useAs you can see, the back of this backpack .

positive? back?You can see the front of this backpack, the design is quite simpleJust a large piece of fabric without extra detailsI think this is good, why?Because it can be easily cleanedMany times, I do n』t care so much in actual shootingThe sand and mud will also leave the backpack and start shooting.

Especially this backpack followed me, I tried to throw it on the beach .Ugh! Photographing on the beach, it's really impossible to get upEverything is sand! Ugh?

I also tried to throw it on the wet mud of the rainy mountainHave gone through a lot of harsh environmentsAs you can see, it ’s a little smudged.But because it doesn't have any extra details, it can be very convenient .(Wipe, wipe .)Hey, this stain can't be erasedBut as you can see, we can easily clean the entire backThere are not many strapsThis is a benefit that you may have overlookedAnother feature of the Peak Design backpack is that it has a special circleThere are six on the front and a few on the side.

There are really manyWhat's the use of these circles? Backpack comes with 2 bucklesCan be simply held in different circles, many changesCan be used to fix different thingsFor example, the most commonly used is to insert a tripod besideWe can hold it like thisOr if you want to stick a mountain stick,Then you can do it like this, with 2 bucklesThis way, it can be fixed by cross buckle or horizontal buckle.You can make different deductions according to your needsThis is a very thoughtful design because it greatly increases the possibility of useBut I also found a place that is not convenient to useFor example, we want to fasten a tripod with a buckleThen we will use the front circleYou might also use this circle, or the circle behind itLet's hold this to the side first and fasten itOK, this way is very stable, but there will be a small inconvenience in useIt ’s the front panel. It could have been opened like this, but it ca n』t be opened now.

選擇一款好的防盜背包,能夠保障我們的出行安全,也不用過於分心謹慎的保護背包物品,就有更多的時間去做別的事情。防盜 背包

Because the buckle is fastened, it cannot be opened smoothlyIf we buckle on both sides, the front panel cannot be fully opened without unlocking the button.And if you choose to buckle in the back, you can't even open the back panel.On the other hand, from another perspective, these buckles make it difficult to open the backpack.But on the other hand, it can also have a certain degree of anti-theft effect.

The so-called anti-theft does not necessarily mean that the bag is completely locked and cannot be opened?Sometimes, as long as it can prevent some thieves who can help the sheep, it can also achieve a certain anti-theft effect.For example, we fasten the front and back loops with bucklesIt ’s also difficult to open the back and front of the backpack.Let the thief take more time to open your bagSometimes people live in multi-person rooms in hostels, such as 6-person rooms and 8-person rooms.

Before going to bed, fasten all the bucklesIn addition, as mentioned earlier, the anti-theft measures of its own zipper are fully done.In fact, it can really prevent many thieves from stealing propertyIf you put some small bells on the straps or buttonsI can already get a good anti-theft effect.Prevents others from reaching out for property while you are asleepSpeaking of buckles, I also found a detail that could be improvedIf you pay attention, you can see that the two buttons are differentOne is used to make a fixed, immovable buttonThe other has a handle, so you can adjust the length of the strapHowever, there are no other differences between the two buttons except for their appearance.If this adjustable button can be clearly identified on the color or markIt's easier to useWhen you are in a hurry or in low light, you want to fasten quicklyI found out that the two buttons were turned, so it would be a bit inconvenient.

If this button for adjusting the length is made in different colors, it may have improved a lot.I also want to talk about this side pocketI think this side bag is also very practicalIt's really big and deepCan be fully inserted even if the tripod is folded backThe buckle is fastened.You may also have a 1-liter, very thick water bottle that you can put in.Wow!

!!Very thick water bottle can also be insertedAlso it has a very cunning designIt ’s just that you did n』t expect it to have a dark grid here.This dark grid is also quite big, which is the size of this bagThis is a surprising designFor example, when you have too much cash on your body and want to store it separately, you can put it hereOr some documents and documents, want to temporarily and safely put in your backpackCan also be placed hereEven though the bag was frustrated, the thief saw it.

He may not be able to find this dark grid quicklySo this is a very thoughtful designI would like to mention that if you want to put a hard body like passport in this positionMay be difficult with a tripod insertedAs you can see, this bag has been deformedTherefore, this dark bag is more suitable for soft things, such as banknotes and receipts.Or small thingsIf it ’s a hard, thick thing like a passport,It may not be suitableAs mentioned earlier, this backpack has extended functionsJust unzip the sidesTo release an extra 10 litres of capacity.Do n』t look at this extra space, it ’s really practicalBut I found a detail that could be improvedThese two zippers are used for expansion. They are the same black as the front panel zippers.

Not easy to distinguish, I sometimes pull it wrongI want to open the front but pulled the extended zipperAlthough the design of the two sets of zippers is different, the front panel zippers are thicker and largerIn a hurry or in a dark environment, if you first add a different color band or tag to one of the set of zippersAt a glanceOf course this will only happen in the extended stateIn the compressed state, the zipper will be below, so there will be no confusionIt ’s also a tip, you can add identification on the zipper yourselfThere is also a small design inside this backpack, which is this compartment that can be selected to open or collapse.Is this oneAs you can see, there is a mesh bag above and a cloth bag belowThis compartment can be stowed awayCan be stowed belowAfter using it in the field, I think this compartmentNot very practical when shootingBecause often I put some common equipment in the space aboveSuch as filters or tripods, etc.Sometimes I want to quickly, without opening the bag, just reach in and get inBut if the compartment is pulled up, it will be blocked and you cannot reach inOf course you can choose to open it halfwayBut when it is half open, the mesh bag on it cannot be used.In fact, the mesh bag can also be opened on both sides, allowing you to reach inBut this mesh bag seems to be used less oftenI might as well put it awayUnless I want to pack all my packs, I may not have enough space for thingsOr if you want to better sort and package, you will pull up this compartmentInside it is stuffed with clothes and grooming bagsAnd some small things are placed in this compartmentBut I will put it away at other times, you can refer to itThanks to our Hong Kong agent for Peak Design this timeWhen they knew that I was going to travel to Australia, I specially arranged a backpack urgently one day before my departureGive me a try on the goOn the last day of the journey, carrying it all the timeAfter using it, I think this backpack is really a very good design for travelers.

Even if you are not a photography enthusiast, it can make your journey easierNow let ’s talk about this camera cubePeak Design also introduced an accessory called Tech Pouch, which is very easy to useThis bag is also quite heavy, it's a bag for clothesThis accessory is called Wash Pouch

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