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4 января  2022 г. 12:07

Talking about the advantages and...

At the beginning of 2020, the world was ravaged by the new crown pneumonia. Our country is also 網課 the suspension of work and school. The start time of various schools has been delayed repeatedly. In order not to delay students' study, we have implemented suspension of school and non-stop, and network technology courses have been introduced. In our view of society, the development of online education is beyond people's imagination, so what are the advantages and disadvantages of online music education and teaching?

First, due to the epidemic this year, online education has developed rapidly. Various online courses have been put on the shelves. The quality is also uneven. Parents have nowhere to start when choosing. Today's market is relatively chaotic.

Second, for improving students’ learning, there is no suspension of classes. Although we can learn what can be learned in school, there are still many problematic students because they did not pay attention to the wrong stage and the wrong class. There are also many social phenomena in our country. At this time, parents need to correct them for students.

Third, students’ online classes also have a certain impact on students’ physical aspects. Each class must be at least 45 minutes long. If you stare at the TV or computer for a long time, it will cause great damage to your eyes. Guardians must pay attention to protecting children’s eyes. At other times, try to reduce students’ watching TV and computers, and reduce students’ playing on mobile phones.

Fourth, for some of our extracurricular online courses, parents must carefully choose. Each kindergarten teacher’s teaching style is different. When choosing, try to use some courses that can be tried as much as possible, and listen to the opinions of their students. Making a decision and blindly enrolling students in courses will only increase the financial burden in terms of improving students. Perhaps they will not be of much help in cultivating students' study and life.

Fifth, for online classrooms, the teacher does not have direct contact with the students. The effect of the classroom is given to the students through video. The teacher cannot grasp the effect of the students' listening to the class. The students' attention in the classroom is not fully concentrated, and parents need to promote you.

On the other hand, online courses are a development trend, especially in the face of this year’s epidemic, online courses have played an important role in solving various problems.

First, Internet technology classrooms. Under the current epidemic situation, students do not need to go to school teachers to attend classes, avoiding collective contact. Another important aspect of development is to protect the health of students and reduce the spread of the virus. In terms of improving student learning, online classes are the best choice in the current social situation.

Second, online classroom resources are more abundant and more affordable than offline classes. Students will have more choices, find their own teachers more easily, and make supplementary lessons more convenient.

Third, the competition among teachers is more intense, and the teaching of students is more professional and attentive. Teachers are urged to improve their teaching standards from the side, so that students can get better learning methods.

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