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11 января  2019 г. 11:14

from Lamma ferry crash on National Working day 2012 to fireside

Hong Kong?ˉs worst maritime mishaps: from Lamma ferry crash on National Working day 2012 to fireside on former luxury liner Queen Elizabeth
Here, we glance at some of the big maritime mishaps with Hong Kong connections down the yrs.

2018: Sanchi oil tanker blaze, East China Sea

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On January six, 2018, the Sanchi, an Iranian oil tanker carrying 136,000 tonnes of remarkably toxic light crude oil, collided that has a Hong Kong-registered bulk freighter, setting the ship ablaze and killing all 32
Iranian crew users on board. Initiatives to contain the fire and track down crew customers took a lot more than per week, even so the ship eventually drifted towards Japan and sank on January fourteen.

The incident prompted an oil slick masking an area of 100 square kilometres ¨C about the size of paris ¨C in a single of China?ˉs richest fishing grounds.

All 32 Iranian crew users on board the Sanchi oil tanker died soon after a crash in January 2018. photograph: AFp
2015: Macau-Hong Kong high-speed ferry crash

A complete of 124 individuals ended up injured any time a high-speed ferry returning to Hong Kong from Macau collided having a floating object close to Lantau Island on Oct 25, 2015. The collision slash from the electricity around the
boat, leaving the 163 passengers and 11 crew to scramble for life jackets in the dead of night as drinking water began seeping into your vessel. A rubber tyre found near the crash web-site was suspected of causing the incident.

The Jetfoil Horta, that operated a high-speed support to Macau, is towed to Cheung Sha Wan dock for inspection just after an accident that hurt 124 persons in 2015. photo: Edward Wong
2012: Collision between Lamma IV plus the Sea Easy, Hong Kong

On October one, 2012, 39 men and women have been killed and one hundred and one wounded if the passenger ferry Sea Easy plus a Hong Kong Electric powered Corporation vessel, the Lamma IV, collided off the coastline of Lamma Island. The ocean Clean experienced
been ferrying travellers from your island to Central to the Nationwide Working day fireworks when the incident occurred.

It absolutely was the deadliest boat incident in Hong Kong in 40 years, and the Lamma IV captain served nine months in jail for endangering the security of many others at sea, but was cleared of manslaughter rates. The
captain of your passenger ferry Sea Sleek, Lai Sai-ming, was sentenced to eight yrs in prison for manslaughter.

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The Lamma ferry crash in 2012 killed 39 people. photo: Handout
2008: Collision in between Yao Hai plus the Neftegaz sixty seven, Hong Kong KO Lap kwong David


On March 22, 2008, eighteen Ukrainian crew members in the Neftegaz 67 drowned following the tugboat heading to an oilfield south of Hong Kong collided together with the Chinese ship Yao Hai off Brothers Island around Hong Kong
Intercontinental Airport. 7 other crew customers, including one particular Chinese, managed to escape. The bodies of your crew customers have been only recovered a month later on if the tugboat was elevated in the seabed. Yuriy
Kulemesin, the Ukrainian ship captain, was sentenced to 18 months?ˉ jail in 2003.

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