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19 января  2020 г. 11:35

Advantages of Cleaning Concrete Mixer Truck

Because concrete will solidify into hard blocks in the HM6-D concrete mixer truck for sale in a short time, and has a certain corrosion to steel and paint, so every time after using the concrete tank, washing the concrete adhering to the concrete tank of the concrete mixer truck and the inlet and outlet is a daily maintenance work must be carefully carried out.

These include:
A. Before each loading, water is used to flush the inlet of HM9-D concrete mixer truck made in China to keep the inlet moist during loading.
B. Fill the cleaning water tank with water while loading.
C. After loading, wash the inlet to clean the residual concrete near the inlet of the concrete mixer.
D. After unloading at the site, flush the discharge tank, and then add 30-40l of cleaning water to the concrete tank. Keep the concrete tank turning forward slowly when the vehicle is coming back.
E. Make sure to drain the sewage from the tank in the concrete mixer before loading next time.
F. Clean HM8-D concrete mixer truck made in China and around the inlet and outlet thoroughly at the end of the day to ensure that there is no cement and concrete caking.

As long as the above work is not seriously, it will bring great trouble to the future work.

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