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13 января  2020 г. 12:01

Difference Between Engineering and Commercial Concrete Plant

What is the difference between commercial hzs50 stationary concrete batching plant made in China and engineering concrete mixing plant.

First, different uses
From the names of the engineering concrete mixing plant and the commercial concrete mixing plant, it can be seen that the two are very different. Their differences in terms of use and other aspects are as follows: Generally, the engineering concrete mixing stations mentioned are built in Next to the construction site, it is mainly used for a certain project and has a single configuration that can only meet the concrete required for the production of this project. It is mainly used to produce the main concrete of its own project.

For the purchasers of commercial concrete, they are investors who invest in buying and selling concrete and operate concrete buying and selling businesses. According to different business needs and different customer requirements, they produce concrete for the corresponding customer needs for sale. The configuration of the commercial hzs60 stationary concrete batching plant for sale is very complete, to meet the needs of many customers to a greater extent, and expand the business.

Second, different production
The engineering concrete mixing plant and the commercial concrete mixing plant are still very different in terms of manufacturing concrete:
1. The types of admixtures, the number of cement and the size of the cement bin are different. The number of engineering admixtures and cement is small, and the number of admixtures and cement silos is small.
2. Engineering concrete does not require external sealing, and the structure is simple; commercial concrete is used for external sealing, pursuing beauty and environmental protection, and large structure.
3. The price of commercial hzs90 stationary concrete batching plant made in China is relatively high.

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