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17 мая 2019 г. 10:39

Use of Zinc Flowers for GI Steel Coil

The zinc flower of GI steel coil with spangles made in China uses: because have zinc flower now, the material productivity is opposite character is very little, can you use the galvanizing steel coil that does not have zinc flower to replace the GI steel coil that has zinc flower? Of hot galvanizing material have zinc flower to have what distinction to have after all? What are their USES?

There are two kinds of hot-dip galvanized zinc flowers: one is normal zinc flowers, and one is zinc-free flowers. Because the lead in the zinc solution could not be purified, there were always some zinc flowers on the surface of the hot galvanizing products before, so our old idea of hot galvanizing was zinc flowers. With the development of the automobile industry, if the hot-dip galvanized automobile plate is required to be coated, the zinc bloom will have an impact on the coating. Later, by reducing the lead content in zinc ingots and zinc solution to dozens of PPM, we can produce GI steel coil with no or very little zinc bloom.

The zinc flower that normal zinc spends is GI steel coil galvanization hind the zinc layer condensation that gets under normal condition gets zinc flower, it is to do general purpose namely. The old-fashioned household bucket of the last century? It's covered with zinc flower shapes. Now the steel coil products with normal zinc flowers are mainly used in the construction and other occasions with less direct contact with the human body.

Zinc-free bloom products mainly refer to the special production process, which is generally to control the lead in the zinc pot at a certain level, or after the zinc strip out of the pot after special treatment, such as small zinc bloom treatment or zinc powder spraying, to control the zinc bloom is less than a certain degree can get zinc-free GI steel coil made in china.

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