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12 мая 2019 г. 07:43

Precautions When Processing Color Steel Sheets

Because of the coating on the surface of the cheap color corrugated steel sheet in stock, there are many different places in the processing from the ordinary cold-rolled plate and the plated plate. The main difference is that the forming process must be carried out under the premise of ensuring the coating is intact.

Therefore, it is necessary to first determine and adjust the important parameters of the processing technology, the coating performance, and processing performance are closely related, the impact of time, etc.

In addition, the pressing of the color corrugated steel plate requires multi-pass forming. Most coatings act as solid lubricants and meet the lubrication requirements of most forming processes. Some coatings can be formulated to improve the lubricity of the coating.

It is also necessary to set a reasonable processing speed according to factors such as equipment conditions, process conditions, and part shape. If the deformation speed is too high, the coating may be peeled off. The flexibility of the coating is reduced at low temperatures, so low-temperature processing should be avoided. If the ambient temperature is low, the material should be preheated to a certain temperature before processing.

In addition, the cut section produced by the cheap color corrugated steel sheet in stock during processing is prone to corrosion. Therefore, necessary protective measures, such as applying protective coatings, sealing strips, etc., should be taken, and the burrs on the cut surface should be minimized to prevent the burrs from scratching the surface. Keep all surfaces in contact with the coating clean and tidy, and clean the chips and metal particles generated during processing to prevent foreign matter from damaging the surface of the coating. If the surface of the coating is found to be damaged, it should be repaired with special repair coating in time to prevent corrosion at the damaged place.

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