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11 февраля 2020 г. 10:40, США Смотреть на карте

GTA Online Shark Cards: Which Provides the Best Value?

Rockstar introduced another type of Shark Cards with virtual currency value.

If you are a player of Rockstar’s action-based role-playing game GTA Online, then there is a possibility that you want to avoid shortcuts and busywork. GTA Online is the ideal means for that as it lets you transfer the GTA $ to your GTA account directly. The Shark Cards provide you with the option to use your real currency to buy these card, which will be redeemed in the form of GTA$. Then this GTA currency will be added to the account of Maze Bank, which can be used to buy the items in the game.

GTA Online Shark Cards: Which Provides the Best Value?

After the release of GTA Online in 2013, there is a boom in the number of weaponry, available properties, and vehicles. Still, the value(in terms of real money value) of the shark card, remains the same.

Here you will be going to know about all different types of Shark Card available in the GTA:

Megalodon Shark:

Value: 8 Million GTA$

Cost: 99.99 USD (12.49USD per Million)

This card has a value of 8 million GTA $. It can be taken as the best exchange of money. There are many vehicles which value more than 4 million GTA$ (ex. Deluxo’s Flying Car values $ 4.7M, P-996 The Lazer Fighter Jet values $6.5 M). If you wish to purchase two of them, then you can’t use this card for the purchase.

Whale Shark:

Value 3.5 Million GTA$

Cost: 49.99 USD (14.28 USD per Million)

This card will allow buying a small number of cars and properties. If you are focusing on buying the weaponry, then it can be a good card for you. The value of this card has been reduced in GTA5, but the offered amount is unchanged. There is a small discount if you buy three cards (this discount is low).

Great White Shark

Value: 1,250,000 GTA$

Cost: 19.99 USD (15.99 USD per Million)

There are many high-speed cars and some supercars, just over 1 million GTA$. If you wish to buy those cars, then you should have this card. You will notice that in a low-value card, this is much better than other cards.

Bull Shark

Value: 500,000 GTA$

Cost: 9.99 USD (19.98USD per Million)

This card has a higher rate as per the previous cards in the comparison (USD per million,) but keep in mind that you have to pay only ten bucks for this card. You can't just ignore half a million GTA $. From this much of amount, you can buy a vehicle, but the number of these vehicles will be less. So, if you have a specific car in your mind, then you should use this card.

Tiger shark

Value:  GTA $ 200,000

Cost:  4.99 USD (24.95 USD per Million)

There should are many similarities between this card and the Red Shark Card. This card is equivalent to 2 Red Shark, but you can save some bucks from this card.

Red shark cash card

Value:  100,000GTA $

Cost:  2.99 USD (29.99 USD per Million)

This card offers the worst value conversion rate in the game, but you have to pay only 3 USD. You should buy this card when you have something on your mind. These cards are not sold in the last five years. This card is beneficial when you have to buy weapons.

After knowing all the card, you should choose carefully. You can see that the Megalodon Shark is the most economical card among these cards. There are many varieties in the objects to buy from.

Buy these cards based on your target and your economy status.

Source: - https://aidamartin01.wordpress.com/2020/02/11/gta-online-shark-cards-which-provides-the-best-value/ 

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