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How to Connect Digital Camcorder to TV

If you want to connect your Camcorder to your TV, then you only need an audio and video cable, tape, and Your TV remote. The audio and video cable used in the process must have the same style that connects to the camcorder. One side of the cable has a red, yellow and white connector that is plugged in the TV while the other side is 1: 8 inch jack plugged in the camcorder.

How to Connect Digital Camcorder to TV

There is also a three-chip camcorder that can be used professionally. Its cable has a combination of Yellow, Red, and White connection in the camera. It has a different use as red-white for stereo cables and S-Video for connection. Here is how to connect a digital camcorder to TV:

Attach The Cables to The TV

Current TVs are generally manufactured with Red, white and yellow connection and they can be present on either side of the TV. If you are not using the one with the above-mentioned specs, then you have to buy an RF modulator. It is used to convert your RF and coaxial in the red, white, and yellow signals.

If your TV has a back connection and something plugs into it, then first, you have to unplug the current attachment and follow steps 3.

You can also disconnect the black cable you have plugged in, and it is an S video connection that is also found with red, white, and yellow input.

Plug The Cable Into The TV.

First, you have to plug all the cables into the TV.

  • Remember that you have enough length of cable that easily reach to your Camcorder
  • you can't pull the cord when you attached into Camcorder, and maybe it damages your Camcorder.

Plug the cable in the same color inputs into the TV to attach Video and Audio. You can also plug S video and red, white stereo cable into your TV when you are not using S video yellow cable.

Plug cable into the camcorder

First, you should attach your 1: 8 jack into the camcorder slot that is shown inside the Camcorder, and it is labeled for audio and video out from Camcorder to other devices.

If you have attached the red, yellow, and white cable to the Camcorder, the same way connect your cable into your TV. Be sure to attach cable in the same color. Here are some steps to do.

  1. Switch on the TV.
  2. Here you don't have to change the channel.
  3. Switch the Camcorder to VCR mode.
  4. Put the recorded tape into Camcorder.
  5. Switch TV to Aux mode.

All the TV has red white and yellow cable connection inputs. Some have an S-Video auxiliary channel. If you want to use auxiliary into your TV, then you should turn your TV as an auxiliary mode by pressing on your remote to channel 3, and then, you can see a video on your TV from your Camcorder.

If you are using a new TV version that has automatic, programmed function or satellite, then can find pressing option into your TV remote. You can also see your image that is in your Camcorder into your TV screen.

Source: - https://aidamartin01.wordpress.com/2020/02/06/how-to-connect-digital-camcorder-to-tv/ 

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