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How to Access Unlockable Modes in Resident Evil 2 Remake

Resident Evil 2 is a respawn of the 90s popular game with a bit of advancement and modern specs. Capcom has retained several main aspects from the previous game version to keep it close to its originality. The Remake also includes several aspects of unlocking, comprises of two distinctive modes to alter the gaming fun according to players’ choice.

How to Access Unlockable Modes in Resident Evil 2 Remake

The two modes are popularly known as Tofu and the Fourth survivor; both of them are derived from 1998 to fascinate the fans with its reminiscence. Below we have individually highlighted all the aspects of both the Modes alongside ways to unlock it, so if you are eager to know about them, then make sure that you read every bit of this article cautiously.

Unlock Tofu Mode

Tofu Survivor  mode pretty resembles the toughest mode of  Resident Evil 2 Remake ; The  4th  Survivor. Tofu Survivor mode grants the players to speed up immensely from the  Police Department  of  Racoon City  with limited resources. The most promising difference in this mode is that the player will become a hefty Tofu Chunk in it.

The fun part is that Capcom applies this resort to fix collision finding through it but later kept it because of the praise it gets from the lineup. Gamers who intend to unlock this mode requires to beat the A and B game inside Standard mode. After this, they will successfully be able to unlock this mode in; there is no need for using weapons alongside survival is totally relies on not get eaten by anyone.

Gamers need to be aware of the fact that enemies will come after to eat them, so dodging is a prerequisite to be achieved before unlocking this mode. The best part about new Tofu mode is the inclusion of the latest blocks of Tofu; the players can easily unlock it through multiple accessing. There are precisely various types of Tofu are available for the players, including  Uiro-Mochi  and  Knife-loving  Tofu.

Unlock The 4th Survivor

This is one of the most intricate modes to play in the Resident Evil 2 whole franchise, and it grants the players to get into the virtual life of Hunk, who also intends to escape from the Police Department of Racoon City in the available time. Similar to Tofu mode transform players into Tofu; in this mode, players become immensely armored Umbrella holders.

 Gamers need to accomplish the modes of Standard story alongside  Claire  and  Leon . Now, similar to Tofu, they need to accomplish the  A-game . Then after it, they need to head to accomplish  B-game . Once players completed both of these steps successfully, then they require to head to the Bonus Games tab, and this is how they can unlock it successfully.

There are no essential resources available in this mode, but still, it will improve the ability of the gamers in no time. Veteran gamers can also try putting hands on this mode because it will also provide the experience which they haven't witness. The mode allows the player to play it numerous times, and thus, gamers can practice enhancing their skills.


Most of you must be wondering that why we only conclude two modes in our article when they are  six  or maybe  seven . We did this because these two are the ones that were deliberately added by the Capcom to get it to unlock from the hands of gamers. If you haven't unlocked these two modes in your game, then unlock them now.

In the end, we hope that you are fully satisfied with our assistance, and those who haven't witness this new virtual world of Resident Evil 2 can play it on   PS4Xbox One , and  PC .

Aida Martin  has diverse interests that range from writing to video games. She has always had a strong passion for writing. She likes to write about games, tech events, security, and whitepapers. Her vast and varied knowledge aided by her supreme writing skills, have made her a powerful writer at  office.com/setup .

Source: - https://moffice.uk.net/how-to-access-unlockable-modes-in-resident-evil-2-remake/

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